What Is Affiliate Marketing?

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I would like to share with you some information about affiliate marketing, it is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn money for each sale that you make.

There are millions of companies that offer countless products for you to sell, and they pay you a commission for selling their products or offers.I want to introduce you to a company that was created on August 31/2005. WEALTHY AFFILIATE, We have 880839 members who have a vital thriving online business that has allowed many of them to become “DEBT FREE”.  The perfect Business Platform that offers everything you need to create, expand and manage your online business; when you visit I believe you will agree with me that this is the best Internet Business on the Internet.You’ll see why I am so excited to share this valuable, exciting,wealth-creating opportunity with you.

  We Offer You

  •  Training  (to help you succeed) the best on the Internet.
  • It is an all-inclusive experience where you receive everything you need from your websites and hosting on our state of the art platform, to 1,000 of Video, Tutorial, and Classroom training, and Courses To Ensure Your Success.
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  • Live & Interactive Help,  even at 2 AM in the morning!
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  • State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting
  • A Strict Spam-Free environment.

The Tools & Services within Wealthy Affiliate offer you the tools to accomplish all of your research, writing, and websites hosting. Also

Easy to Build Websites! 

Easy to Build Websites! building/hosting applications for your business.   Included in the member’s area is:

  • Keyword & Competition Research Tool
  • WordPress Express (3 click website builder)
  • Low Competition, Picked Keyword Lists
  • State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)
  • Access to over 2,400 website templates/themes
  • Ability to add over 30,000 different “features” to your website
  • Rapid Writer, your content “friend”

Once inside WEALTHY AFFILIATE, you don’t have to worry about tools and services needed to run your business.  EVERYTHING is included, it truly is the only “all inclusive” online business platform out there.


Wealthy Affiliate ReviewThe Community in WEALTHY AFFILIATE is second to none and we pride ourselves Ourselves on being the Number One Business Platform on the Internet!  If you are looking to earn money online, network with fellow entrepreneurs, get help and help others, and learn from the 1,000’s of experts at WEALTHY AFFILIATE, You will fit in and be a Blessing to Others Because HELPING OTHERS IS WHAT BEING A CHRISTIAN IS!

How Wealthy Affiliate Works

When you join, you are given two options, You either join at the “FREE” Position or if You are Serious about making money; You join at the Premium Position  There are numerous directions you can go. whatever your passion is; go in that direction.  This is going to be your starting point and the initial training course is going to show you how you can take your passion and or niche and turn it into a full-time business.

If you don’t have a passion or a niche, you can always promote  Wealthy Affiliate, we have an affiliate boot camp with a predefined topic that you will be building a business from.  This training is easy and completely hands on,  and no experience needed.

You will learn how to take your passion and create a business online.  It starts with your website, and it is going to end with you learning from a  variety of ways from this website.  This can be through the promotion of affiliate programs, or whatever you chose to sell or promote the choice is totally yours.

I sincerely thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and reading this; May Our LORD And Savior Jesus Christ Continue To Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn You And Your Loved Ones!

To God Give The Glory; Your Brother In Christ;






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Written by Jaaxy Team. Posted in Jaaxy News

Hold Tight – Jaaxy is getting a BIG Upgrade and we’ll be back in just a short while!

We have been hard at work preparing the BIGGEST update that Jaaxy has ever seen, and we’re excited to bring this to you Today!

While we perform this upgrade Jaaxy will be unavailable, but we promise it will be quick and well worth the wait.







Written by Kyle. Posted in Jaaxy Affiliate Program, Jaaxy News

As a free member of Jaaxy, you can either get unlimited credits within the system by signing-up as a member ($19/mth), or you can earn more credits by letting other people know about the free access to Jaaxy. It really is an easy sell, because well, you are not selling anything. You are giving away free access to the top keyword, market,and niche research tool online!

How it Works

Ever person that joins Jaaxy is an affiliate, meaning you can promote Jaaxy through your affiliate links (find them at Affiliate Program => Affiliate Resources). For every person you refer to Jaaxy that signs up for free, you will earn an additional 10 search credits. This can add up very quickly. Some members that share Jaaxy frequently are using the tool full time for free because of their referrals.

Get 10 sign-ups = 100 search credits
Get 100 sign-ups = 1,000 search credits
Get 1,000 sign-ups = 10,000 search credits!

When you refer someone, the credits will go directly into your account.  I made 2 referrals in my account and have done 7 searches.  This is what my free account now looks like (30 + 20 bonus – 7 searches):

That is not the only opportunity. When you refer someone to Jaaxy and they create a free account, you are their referral for LIFE. If at any time in the future, they end paying for the full priced tool (which many people end up doing), you earn $8/mth recurring affiliate commissions.

This may not seem like a ton, but it adds up very quickly. Average retention for paying members is close to 12 months, some people will stay members for several years.

The average (with retention) is $90+ commission per referral, and this continues to rise. If just 30 of your referrals sign-up, you can expect to get a payment of close to $2,700! Not bad for referring someone to a free tool.  Here is a full video explaining how you can earn more search credits just by letting people know about Jaaxy:

That leads me to some techniques that you can easily implement to attain free referrals and earn loads of free search credits within your Jaaxy account.

6 Techniques You can Implement to Earn More Search Credits

(1) Social Networks – Most of you reading this are likely part of more than one social network. Many of you likely have people that you are “friends” with or “groups” you are part of that would be very interested in a free service like Jaaxy.

Simply get your affiliate link from the Affiliate Program => Affiliate Resources page. Here are some places that you could include this link:

  • Your Facebook Wall
  • Share it on your Friends Facebook Wall
  • Within Facebook Groups
  • Tweet about it on Twitter
  • Share it on Google +
  • Share it within your LinkedIn Account
  • Pin an image on the Jaaxy page and add your affiliate link (on Pinterest)
  • Share it within your MySpace account
  • Post it on your Tumblr pages
  • Share it on any other social network that I haven’t mentioned

(2) Email Your List – If you have a mailing list in the Internet marketing niche, you have a lot of power here. You are not only going to get 1,000’s of free search credits, you are likely going to be able to earn a good deal of revenue. Not only are your subscribers going to love you for letting them know about the free search offer, many are likely going to end up signing-up, becoming a very good residual income stream for you.

If you don’t have a mailing list (or don’t know what I am talking about), then you can email your friends your affiliate link, telling them about the Jaaxy 30 Free, giving them some insight into the tool and the benefits. We all know someone that is interested in online business, and in order to succeed online you need to understand keywords.

(3) Create a YouTube Video – If you are create videos, creating a keyword research tutorial or creating a Jaaxy review and then dropping your affiliate link within the description can lead to a lot of exposure and a lot of referrals. If you are a video creator, I highly suggest you take advantage of this technique.

(4) Add promotion to your website – If you have a website that you could effectively promote Jaaxy 30 Free on, then you should take advatnage of it. There are several ways you could easily benefit from this:

  • Create a blog post explaining Jaaxy 30 Free
  • Create a keyword research tutorial of you using Jaaxy
  • Offer a challenge or contest that people are entered into if they join Jaaxy Free
  • Give away keywords, and tell people where they can get more (for free)
  • Add the Jaaxy Search Toolbar to your website (find it on Affiliate Program => Affiliate resources page)
Jaaxy - Affiliate Resources Page

(5) Forums – Are you a member of any forums? If so, you can let people know about Jaaxy free today. Add your Jaaxy link to your affiliate signature with appropriate supporting text.

Ex. Get 30 free searches using Jaaxy, the Worlds Most Powerful Keyword Tool

Forums are an easy, yet effective way to get the world out.

Take Action!

My task to you today is to take advantage of at least two of these techniques. I think you will be surprised as to your results and how many search credits you and affiliate revenue you will be able to earn by giving away something for free. :)

If you have any questions about the Jaaxy referral system, let us know and we will give you a hand.







Written by Kyle. Posted in Jaaxy News

Yes, you did not read that incorrectly. We have just launched Jaaxy Free, a way for everyone to get a full access look into Jaaxy, the only keyword tool I have ever used. In fact, the only keyword tool I have been this “addicted” to.

Jaaxy for Free - Get 30 Searches For Free

Simply go to the  Jaaxy.com homepage, and register through Facebook (we Facebook to verify that you are a real user), create a password for your account, and YOU ARE IN.

We are giving away 30 full searches within the system. This includes all data, even access to our exclusive metrics like KQI (Keyword Quality Index), QSR (exact # of competing pages in Google), and domain search functionality.  These 30 searches alone are going to save you a lot of time and money and reveal some real keyword gems.

Why We Are Giving You Jaaxy For Free

We know we offer the best keyword tool out there. Carson and I have been in the online world for 10 years now and we have used keyword tools over the years, but have found them to be full of fluff and to really offer no Jaaxy for Freevaluable data.   People tend to waste their time on keyword tools, making something out of nothing… in other words, pretending charts and meaningless data mean something that it really doesn’t (metrics like “commercial intent” comes to mind).

I use Jaaxy every day. I find as many keywords that I need to operate any campaigns and I also help others find keywords. It is simple to use, it offers clarity within a world that can be confusing and it gets at data points that no other keyword tool is able to get at with such efficiency.  I want you to be able to experience this type of efficient keyword research.

Thus, we wanted to give YOU free access for yourself so you could test Jaaxy, use it to build keyword campaigns, store keyword lists, and find some real keyword gems. This way you can determine if you love it as much as I do (I think you will)!

30 searches should be more than enough to get a taste for what Jaaxy offers…and there are no catches. You just sign-up for free via your Facebook account, no credit card required.

Sign-up for you Free Jaaxy Account Today!

How You Can Get More Searches

It is possbile to attain more searches for FREE beyond your initial 30 searches. For every person that you refer to Jaaxy and that signs up for free, we are going to give you another 10 searches. Get 10 people to sign-up to Jaaxy for free, you get 100 free searches. Get 100, you get 1,000 free searches!

This should be very easy. We are giving away access to the top keyword tool online, a tool that can be used anywhere there is Internet, no installs required. If you want to use it on your smartphone or your iPad, it will work just fine!

When you log into your free Jaaxy account, you will see the affiliate program tab as noted below…

Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Click “Affiliate Resources”. You will see your affiliate link there. This is the link you can share and you get referral credits for.

Jaaxy Affiliate Link

Share this on your website/blog, your social channels (facebook, twitter, g+, pinterest) and watch you free search count within Jaaxy continue to increase!

Earn Money Giving Away Free Searches

One thing that you need to understand is that when you refer someone to Jaaxy Free, you are also going to earn any “recurring” commission from your referral if they sign-up for a full membership at anytime in the future. If you want to promote Jaaxy to your list, on your website, or within your social channels, you can easily do so and earn some healthy commissions.

Once people realize that they are gaining huge value from using Jaaxy, there is a fairly good chance that they will go on to buy the full version. If you referral buys Jaaxy, you earn $8 recurring commissions. Not only are you doing people a service by letting them know about a way to get free searches, you earn more search credits and you also have the ability to earn commissions as well.

Jaaxy is the most cost efficient keyword tool out there at $19/mth, and as an affiliate you earn $8/mth recurring for each member you sign-up to full. The average sale with retention is close to $100!

Start Earning Money By Giving Away Jaaxy Today!

Seriously, What Are You Waiting For?

It is free to sign-up, you are going to get instant access to 30 searches using the best keyword tool around.

25 searches left in Jaaxy

Sign-up to Jaaxy for Free Here!

If you have any questions about Jaaxy or any issues signing-up, please let me know and we will give you a hand.







Written by Jay. Posted in Videos

Here is a quick video on how to export your Jaaxy keyword list into a simple excel spreadsheet.

What other formats would you like to see available as an export in Jaaxy?







Written by Kyle. Posted in Jaaxy News, Keyword Research

This is Kyle, co-founder of Jaaxy.com.

Today I want to discuss a few things with you and give you some perspective on what Jaaxy is and why you should consider making Jaaxy your keyword tool of choice.

With all the keyword toys out there, it can be tough to decide which keyword tool is best for you. I know, I was a keyword and research tool consumer for a number of years, in fact since 2002 when I started out and I was using the old Overture tool to find out what keywords my competition was bidding on.

Like the Internet, the keyword market and the reason we use keywords has evolved. The problem is that many keyword tools have not kept up, some have tried and failed, and others have done a mediocre job at best.

Even the big companies like Google are starting to deliver crazy results that are often times inflated. I know it is hard to believe, but the “Do no evil” think went a little far.

Most keyword tools have relied entirely on Google results in the past, and if you weren’t aware, many of the top tools no longer work online because Google has recently done a grandiose suspension of accounts that were used to access this date.

This means that most keyword tools either don’t work, or they are using outdated data from their database (some of it could be a year or more old!).

I don’t know about you, but I am not interested in using outdated data!

How does Jaaxy come up with our search and traffic numbers?

We have done extensive research through comparative data testing and have come up with an algorithm that utilizes data from all Search Engines (not just Google) to reveal search data that is far closer to the “real” numbers.

We don’t care about graphs, we don’t show you fluff, and we don’t let you fool yourself into “over analyzing” data that is meaningless.

When we add a new feature or a new tool within Jaaxy, the first question we ask is why. We don’t say “it would look cool if there was a graph there”, instead we rephrase this “how will it benefit the user to have a graph there”. If it is just for show (like most tools out there), then we don’t add it.

There are only a few metrics that are really important to an online business and I think that sometimes people are led to believe otherwise.

Seriously, what keyword metrics do you care about as an online marketer? Think about it…

Traffic. Yes of course. There is one of them.

Competition. Yes, absolutely.

What else?

Those are the main ones. Trends, graphs, website analysis, and any other sort of data is secondary and often times confuses the matter.

Because of this, we have invested a lot of time and technical resources creating a sophisticated research system that does an wonderful job of getting at these pieces of data…and doing so in an efficient matter.

Let’s look at the main keyword data points within Jaaxy…

Keyword Metrics - Jaaxy

You will notice that I have indicated the main two items within the search.

Monthly Searches: This is traffic, this is the estimated traffic, and if you can get a top 3 search result in the Google rankings, you can acquire a good deal of Monthly Searches that is outlined (up to 60%).  One thing that I want to emphasize is the fact that traffic is not the be all end all…I often times seek out competition metrics before traffic ones.  If you can’t get a good ranking, traffic has absolutely no meaning…that is, it is better to have 10 first page rankings under keywords that get 100 searches per day, than it is to have 2nd page rankings under keywords that get 1,000′s of searches per day.  People rarely make it to the 2nd page!

QSR: This is the competition. Jaaxy has an innate ability to find your exact competition quickly and deliver directly to you within the tool. Your goal when doing research is to aim for keywords with under 400 QSR, this means less than 400 competing pages in Google. In the above case, the search term “best keyword research tool 2010” is a wonderful keyword because it only has 41 competing pages in Google. This would be an easy to rank keyword.

KQI: And for those of you that want quick visuals, we have included an extra column called KQI, or Keyword Quality Index. I love using this as it allows me to quickly scan a list of keywords and visually find the ones that are more likely to be better keywords. KQI is based on traffic volume, competition, and estimated ranking results…thus giving you a powerful and quick way to interpret keyword lists.

Within minutes using these keyword metrics alone, I can put together awesome keyword lists, ones that will get ranked in Google with ease. Traffic and competition…and maybe a little KQI is all I need to efficiently find keywords.

I also tend to spy on my competition (occasionally)!

At Jaaxy, our goal is to also give you some insight into what makes your competition tick…by this I mean, what they are doing to acquire rankings.

I know many of you are interested in backlinks and what sort of backlinks your competition has. Really though, how is this going to help you. Seriously, it is not going to make a difference. The number of backlinks if they are quality ones can make a difference, but sheer backlink volume does not mean a thing anymore.

And either does density…you can get ranked with a 0% “exact” keyword density. Amazing huh? (SEE BELOW)

Website SERPS - Jaaxy

Google has completely changed their backlink “value” within their Panda algorithm and has also modified the importance. It carries a ranking percentage much lower now, whereas at one time it use to be weighted much higher (some say upwards of 80%).

I remember back in the early 2000’s, meta tags were all you really needed to get good rankings. You could simply add the keywords you wanted within your title, keyword, and description meta tags and get rankings. Boy have things changed!

There are just a few metrics that I like to glance at when “snooping” the data of top ranked websites. I don’t spend too much time on this as it can vary so much, but sometimes checking in on this data can give you a good handle of what the “top rankers” are doing.

I look at…

Word Count – how many words are on the page, this is an interesting stat as you will be able to quickly gauge what sort of length is rank appropriate.

Quantity of Backlinks – You will find that these differ and sometimes top ranked sites have very few, sometimes they have a lot. This puts the value into perspective for me, or lack thereof. In this case, the top site had a ton of backlinks, but had zero density…which led me to believe that Google truly can determine REAL content from fake, and quality from bad.

PageRank – Gives you a quick idea what sort of PR sites you are up against for that particular keyword. Again, sometimes PR 0 sites with quality content can outrank PR 7 sites with no problems.

Those are the 3 main ones I look at, but as I said, I don’t over-invest my time into this aspect of my research. If you create quality content, the core of any ranking in the search engines, you can get ranked high in any search engine if you meet the Traffic and QSR metrics.

This section within Jaaxy is an evolutionary tool…meaning that when the way search engines rank websites change, we change our listings to best help our users interpret the proper data. Some upcoming updates I can see relating to social activity, so stay tuned for that! :)

And what about ideas. We all want MORE keywords and MORE niches right?

I know better than the next person, after a long day of anything, ideas can be hard to come by. That is why we simplified the idea revelation…

I use the brainstorming tab at Jaaxy regularly. (SEE BELOW)

Brainstorming Tab - Jaaxy

The awesome part is that it allows me to sift through ideas that are already there, all in one place. I don’t have to scour the Internet for niche ideas when my own dry up…and a day rarely goes by where I don’t find a brand new “golden nugget” idea that I dig down into and reveal a ton of awesome keywords.

We make it very easy for you to add any of the ideas to a “queue” where you can then search them right within the keyword research tab. Now that is what I call idea efficiency. I think you will love this feature as well.

Whew…this blog post turned out to be a bit longer than I anticipated. Once I get going, sometimes it is hard to stop, in particular when I get going on Jaaxy. I could write all day about this, but I will spare you the time.

Carson and I created this because we didn’t like what was out there and we invested a lot of technical expertise and money into the development of it. It is the only tool I use (or need) and I think you will feel the same way.

Hope you enjoyed this and if you do have any questions or feedback, please leave it below.


Co-founder of Jaaxy







Written by Jay. Posted in Jaaxy Training, Keyword Research

Have you ever found a great keyword for a niche, but were not sure what exactly to do with it? I wanted to give you some insight on what you can do with an awesome keyword that you would find in Jaaxy. There are a plethora of possibilities, but it certainly depends on the chosen niche.

Now before we determine what can be done with a great keyword, let’s make sure the keyword is a ‘buyers keyword’ with profitability.
Here are some factors on what makes a keyword potentially profitable.

Are They Kicking Tires or Taking a Test Drive?

Some keywords are search terms where the user is simply accessing information about a niche and not necessarily interested in purchasing. this is commonly associated with ‘info about’ keywords. For example, if you look at the screen capture below, you will notice there are a variety of search terms where users are looking for general info.

I simply entered ‘info about’ into Jaaxy for these results.

Although these search numbers seem appealing and have a low quoted search results (QSR), are they keywords where users are ready to buy? I am going to say no. These keywords are great for blog posts or articles that would link back to your websites for a SERP boost.

A SERP boost is when your website climbs the ranks in the search engine result pages.

Do They Need it Or Want it?

This is a great determining factor on how quickly they purchase an item.

For example:
If a person has just purchased an expensive camera and wants to protect it, they would purchase a case based on the want.
How about if a person just had a baby and needs to order diapers, they would purchase them based on the need. By the way, people do buy diapers online!

A wanted product may not be at the tail end of the purchasing lifecycle, but they still intend to buy!
A needed product would be at the end of a purchasing lifecyle and would probably purchase right away.

By taking into account some of these factors, we can determine if a keyword is potentially profitable.

Got the keyword.. Now What?

There are certainly a plethora of possibilities once you have found a keyword and this would be somewhat based on what exactly the keyword is. Let’s go out and find a keyword for the camera niche.

After a few minutes of research (about 10 minutes), here is what I came up with.

But upon further research (another 5 minutes), I have found the keyword I would use.

That keyword also has the .org available which is a contributing factor to ranking keywords in the search engines. I have also saved my keyword list inside Jaaxy and can come back to it at any time for article keywords.

So here is what I would do with that keyword.

Step one: Buy the domain

This is pretty basic, simply click the buy domain button within Jaaxy and that would take me to Godaddy. I would make sure I set my nameservers during the purchase of the domain purchase as this tends to be quicker.

Step two: Add Domain to Hosting

This is usually a very quick step depending on who you are hosting with but  I would add the domain to my hosting account and wait for the domain to be live.

Step three: Create a WordPress Website

There are some hosting companies that have simple wordpress installations where it only takes a few clicks to get the site rolling and this is how I do it. Once wordpress is installed, I will then tweak the settings in the following way:

Settings > General

  • Check Site Title and change Tagline
  • Change Time zone to my city
Settings > Writing
  • Enable XML-RPC for remote publishing (for ipad)
  • Add more ping services to Update Services

Settings > Discussion

  • Remove ability to comment
  • I manually set this for each post

Settings > Privacy

  • Ensure it is set to allow Search Engines to index

Settings > Permalinks

  • Custom Structure: /%postname%

Step four: Add Content

This is where I will start to implement my keyword on the website home page. Here are the details of the set-up and site site layout.

  • Change category from ‘Uncategorized’ to the keyword
  • Add new pages:
    My Main Keyword page
    Privacy Policy
  • Change ‘Settings > Reading’ to:
    Front Page:  My Main Keyword page
    Post Page: Blog

From here, I would continue to add valuable content on the site and off the site on a high quality article directory such as StreetArticles as they tend to rank very fast in the search engines.

As you can see, implementing a plan for keywords isn’t that difficult as long as you stick to your plan and do some research prior to setting up any website projects.  This is just one example as to what can be done with a keyword that could be found with a few minutes inside Jaaxy!







Written by Kyle. Posted in Google keywords, Keyword Lists, Keyword Research

When I am doing keyword research, I don’t like the idea of potentially missing keywords.

Jaaxy is wonderful for finding keywords, but when doing research you want to be as thorough as you can, truly seeking out every last corner of your niche.  In other words, finding every keyword gem that is out there (and there are lots of them left).

Because of this, I would like to share a keyword research technique with you that I have been using for about a year and a half…ever since the rollout of Google Instant.  It is very easy to do, and very easy to conquer an entire niche of keywords.

There are 2 tools that you need for this research technique:

(1) A keyword tool (ideally Jaaxy)
(2) Google Instant

That is it.  Most of us have a keyword tool, and if you are reading this, you could very well have access to Jaaxy.

Finding the initial core search term.

If your niche is promoting keyword research tools, you might want to start with the core term “keyword”.

My Initial Keyword Search
As you can see, when I type in a search term, Google Instant starts giving me suggestions.  It typically shows the “most popular” searches first, in this case the term “keyword tool” was the most popular extension of the term keyword.

I then dump this keyword in Jaaxy…

Jaaxy Search - Keyword Tool

I get thirty very targeted results.  You can see the little icons beside some of these search terms and this is because I have saved them to a keyword list.  This is the initial process.  Choose a root keyword that is relevant to your niche so you have a starting point.

I want to look at another example here just for clarification purposes.   I have an android phone (the Samsung Nexus, not too bad!), so I am going to do the exact same thing here.  Start with a Google Instant search…

Android phone google instant search

OK, it looks like “android phone reviews” is the most popular.  My next step is dumping this search term into Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Search - android phone review
I have a bunch of keywords.  But this is just the start of this technique! :)

Walking through the alphabet

The next thing we are going to do is go through the entire alphabet with our root search term.  In the case of the example above, these root terms are “keyword” and “android phone”.    We are going to start by typing the letter “a” next to the search term.  Remember, Google Instant will give you the most popular searched terms first.

Let’s look at what “keyword a” gives us in Google Instant:

keyword a search in Google Instant

What I want to do now is walk through some of the terms related to “a”.  I usually choose ones that I am interested in, in this case I chose “keyword analysis”.  I then plugged this into Jaaxy.  Here is what I get…

keyword analysis search in Jaaxy

Some more excellent keywords (I have indicated some really low competition ones with red arrows).  I have only search ONE term under the FIRST letter as well.  If you walk through the entire alphabet in this same fashion, you are going to get a ton more results.  Go through the “b” terms, then the “c” terms, etc.

**Note that everything within Google instant is not going to be in keyword tools.  Google Instant is sometimes much more current as keyword data can be a month delayed.  Google instant also does produce search terms that don’t get searched, so sometimes this will be the case.  The key is leveraging every keyword possiblity here.

Storing your research into a list (search terms)

As you can see, there is a green icon next to many of the search terms.  This is because I am storing a lot of the ones that I want to use to a keyword list in Jaaxy. I recommend that you do this during all of your keyword research.  It allows you to revisit awesome keywords at any time you like in the future!

Just a little tip! :)

The “Before” Keyword Variation

There is another way to utilize Google Instant to get at keywords, this time instead of using the alphabet after the search term, we are going to use it before the search term. Note that this time you DO NOT want to put a space between the letter and the keyword.

In the example of “android phone” targeting the letter “b”, you would type in a “b” before “android phone” (make sure that it is already in the search).

Here is what I mean:

b android phone search - Google Instant

I then take the first term “best android phone” and plug that into Jaaxy.  Who would have figured, several more low competition keywords!

Jaaxy Search - best android phone

As you can see, I have added more keywords to my list.  In just a few searches and two letters in the alphabet, I have a ton of awesome terms. Imagine the potential if I walked through the entire alphabet? This is just the start of the keyword opportunities!

You move onto the next “root” keyword after you have completed one.  To be completely honest with you, YOU SHOULD NEVER run out of keyword ideas if you do this.  I know I could find keywords for a lifetime using this technique alone.

To never being stuck with keywords again,









Written by Kyle. Posted in Competition Research, Domains, Keyword Research

People spend hours, days and even months researching for their campaigns.  They get stuck coming up with niches.  They have no ideas how to break down a niche.  They don’t know how to find a good domain name.  They are not sure where to generate ideas.this is what 10 minutes of research looks like

Because of this, I wanted to do a time based exercise.  Starting right now, I am going to spend 10 minutes using Jaaxy to see how much research I can accomplish.  I will document exactly what I do.  I am going to break these down into 5 lists (below) and then I will spend some time explaining exactly how I performed this research after.

Here is what I came up with in 10 minutes…

Niches (16 new niches)

jobs for seniors
internet marketing
event planning
senior volunteer services
foster grandparents
senior meals
online communities
social networking
online harassment
arizona college
gaming addiction
food addiction
sex addiction
video gaming
shopping addiciton

Low Competition Keywords (27 hot keywords!)

senior citizen job opportunities, 83 competing pages in Google
jobs for senior citizens, 300 competing pages in Google
careers retirees, 128 competing pages in Google
part time jobs for senior, 127 competing pages in Google
american senior community, 170 competing pages in Google
american senior communities, 296 competing pages in Google
50 plus magazine, 290 competing pages in Google
golden cuisine senior meals, 72 competing pages in Google
senior citizens victoria, 81 competing pages in Google
senior meeting people, 191 competing pages in Google
senior quotes, 283 competing pages in Google
senior discounts restaurants, 71 competing pages in Google
funny senior jokes, 57 competing pages in Google
senior meet people, 105 competing pages in Google
bateman senior meals, 304 competing pages in Google
virtual community online community, 191 competing pages in Google
engineering management online, 292 competing pages in Google
non profit management online, 131 competing pages in Google
att online account management, 49 competing pages in Google
chicago state online, 15 competing pages in Google
long distance miami, 36 competing pages in Google
american pie 2 online, 396 competing pages in Google
arizona college online, 67 competing pages in Google
gaming addiction help, 102 competing pages in Google
christian addiction help, 61 competing pages in Google
food addiction help, 322 competing pages in Google
ab and love handle workout, 14 competing pages in Google

Domain Names (12 available, keyword rich domains)

seniorcitizensjobopportunities.com (407 clicks per month)
jobsforseniorcitizens.org (4396 clicks per month)
americanseniorcommunity.org (260 clicks per month)
americanseniorcommunities.org (3746 clicks per month)
fostergrandparentprogramdirector.com (171 clicks per month)
seniordiscountsrestaurants.com (262 clicks per month)
funnyseniorjokes.com (420 clicks per month)
onlinecommunitytoolkit.com (171 clicks per month)
arizonacollegeonline.com (128 clicks per month)
foodaddictionhelp.net (280 clicks per month)

Brand New Ideas I Would Have NEVER Thought Of (14 new niche ideas)

no shave november
sex sign compatibility
kim kardashian divorce
nfl odds
droid bionic
blood sugar
vitamin D study
lady gaga
bathroom cleaning tips
yahoo mail
diablo 3 beta
google checkout
sons of anarchy

That is 30 new niches, 27 keywords, and 12 domains in 10 minutes of research.  That is value based research, that is efficiency, and this was a reflect not of the techniques or strategies I was using, but having access to the right data and the right tool.  I am going to explain exactly how I cam up with this keywords, niches and domains however, breaking down each of the sections for clarity.

Research should not have to take you hours per day.  Here I have done enough research for a week in 10 minutes, probably more research than most can accomplish in an entire week.  Here is how it is done…

How I Uncovered Niches

To find niches, I always use the “relevant keywords” to the side of every search within Jaaxy.  I was actually watching TV when I started doing this exercise, and there was a speech on “jobs”.   I typed this term into Jaaxy, starting broad and then working more targeted.  I instantly got a bunch of ideas, but that just proves how simple the starting point of your research can be.  Start with a single word, something that is in front of you, or if you have a niche in mind, start with that.  Either way, to start research, you have to come up with a starting point…so do not overthink this aspect of it.

Here is what the “relevant results” look to the side of my jobs keyword search:

Relevant items next to job search

You will notice that I pulled some of these exact “niches” into my list.  Every search in Jaaxy provides you with relevant ideas (I like to refer to them as potential niche ideas).   Let’s look at another search that I did in Jaaxy targeting “online community”

Relevant Keywords - Learning Commnity

I was able to pull a couple more niches from these “relevant results”.  This is something that you should regularly do, keep an eye on relevant niches when doing research for something completely independent.  You can never have too many niches in your back pocket! :)

How I Uncovered Low Competition Keywords

Take your initial keyword idea and plug it in.  I typically look at the traffic results, if the number is very high, then you can almost assume that the competition is high.  This is likely because the keyword is too broad.  If the traffic is 1,000 and under, there is usually limited competition and I click the “Get QSR” button to find out the exact competition.  If the keyword is longer tailed, ie, more than 3 words in length, it will typically be a lower competition term.

I suggest that you always aim for under a 400 QSR (Quote Search Results) rank.  These are SEO friendly search terms.

Here are the results that came up with my initial “jobs” search.  Of these, a few of them had a QSR under the 400 threshold that I trick to stick under.

uncovering niches through the relevant results

That is all I do really, I look at the keywords, I click the QSR under one or many of them, and if the QSR is under 400 and relevant to the niche I am promoting, it is a keeper in my book.  I know that I can easily rank a keyword with a QSR of less than 400 through article marketing or website content.

How I Uncovered Domain Names

Competition.  If the QSR is lower than 400, there is a good chance that the domain is going to be available in the .com or .org TLD (the best choices).  These are the domains with value and the ones that you can easily get ranked in Google under the keywords within the domains, can be flipped, or put a website on and sold for an even greater profit.

Here is an example domain search that I performed…

Domain Search - Finding high quality domains

Both the .com and .org are available.  If you bought this domain, put a site on it, you would likely be able to get ranked #1 in Google very easily under the term “senior citizen job opportunities” and reap the benefits of the traffic (this is an entire business model for many marketers). Domain flipping is a big business.   People earn a lot of money from domains.   People leverage keyword rich domain traffic to drive a lot of business.

I am not sure if you are aware of this as well, but I wrote an entire “blueprint” on the domain business and it is offered as a bonus when you join Jaaxy!   We currently have a portfolio of 500+ domains that are worth far more than we paid for them.  A domain is a low $8 investment compared to the upside potential.  Like land, they are not making any more .com or .org domain names.

How I Uncovered Brand New Ideas I Would Have NEVER Thought Of

It’s been a long day, you are flustered and you do not feel like coming up with ideas out of “thin air”.  Fortunately you don’t have to as there are many very easy ways to do this.  With a few minutes to go in this exercise, I decided to dip me feet into the Brainstorm tab within Jaaxy to see what I could quickly come up with.

You may have noticed that I came up with a pretty big list of niches “I would have never thought of”…and I did so very quickly.  This is primarily because the Brainstorm feature within Jaaxy gives me fresh, trending, and new ideas (several times daily!).   It just so happens that I pulled these ideas from this tab (as shown below).

brainstorming new niches

It really took very little thought and it took me more time to record the actual niches than it did to write them down.  I was 9 minutes into my research when I decided to hit this tab, so I had less than one minute to scramble for niches here to complete the exercise.  How did I do? :)


I hope that I have put things into perspective for you.   I spent very little time (10 minutes to be exact) and accomplished a lot in this exercise.  I hope you found this revealing and that the next time you go to perform research, you consider taking out a clock and seeing what you can accomplish.  I would love to hear your feedback.


Co-Owner Jaaxy.com

Here is a video Jay created outlining just under TWO minutes of research.







Written by Kyle. Posted in Jaaxy News

URGENT: Bonuses Available ONLY From November 8th, 2011 – November 15th, 2011

After a year of programming, vigorous testing, refinement, and using the amazing Jaaxy tool, it is officially ready for the masses!

I am Kyle, and I am an advocate and superuser of Jaaxy!

Over the past 10 years, the Internet has changed.  SEO has drastically changed, PPC has drastically changed, there have been Internet business models that have come and gone, and there are currently many new business opportunities that have arrived because of social, new search technologies and Google algorithm updates.

One thing that HASN’T changed however, is the importance of keyword research.  I remember back in the PPC days when I literally used to have single keywords (yes, one keyword) that would generate revenue upwards of $1,000 per day.  Imagine if you had a keyword tool that could help you find keywords like this!

These days, a lot more of the emphasis is on Search Engine Optimization, and discovering keywords that are good for article marketing, website content, keyword rich domains, and ultimately search phrases that are LOW in competition, but HIGH in traffic.

There are literally MILLIONS of keywords out there with low competition and high traffic, so this is good news for you…the only problem you face is finding these keywords so that you can benefit from them.

Introducing Jaaxy…

Jaaxy uses some very complex calculations and formulas to find keyword data that NO OTHER TOOL has ever been able to provide you with.  With a simple search, you will not only be able to reveal quality and highly relevant keywords, you are going to be able to determine whether or not you will be able to get SEO rankings in Google easily with the keyword, whether or not the domain is available for the keyword, and ultimately, if the keyword is hot or not.

Since there are VISUAL indicators, this can be done very quickly….in a matter of seconds.  Just yesterday I spent 4 hours performing a variety of keyword research exercises within the Jaaxy system and I can honestly say that I probably accomplished more research and discovered more low competition, high traffic keywords than most people could spending an entire month.

I also found a couple of awesome domain names…bought those, and could likely flip them for several $100 more than I paid for them.   4 hours, and likely $1,000′s in potential profits I can yield from this research.

Other “Never Seen Before” Features

A keyword and research tool that finds awesome keywords, and does so quickly would typically be enough, but we created this tool as something that WE would want to use.  With a combined 20 years in the Internet Marketing world, we know what sort of data and tools we need to success with our research and we

(1) Web Based & Universal Access – I included this one because it is big for me, so I know it will be big for avid keyword tool users out there.  Jaaxy has been developed as a web based application so that you can you use it from any computer, anywhere in the world.  If you have an account and access to the Internet, you have the ability to research and find awesome keywords and niches.

Jaaxy has also been thoroughly tested on many devices, browsers, and operating systems.  It works.  Whether you are on your iPhone, your Android tablet, your Macbook, or your home PC, it is going to work for you.  Imagine doing keyword research while in the airport on your smartphone (I did the other day and it was pretty awesome!).

(2) Instant Domain Notifcation – If you are like me, you are a bit of a domain hoarded.   There is just so much darn potential to buy and flip domains out there that I want to take advantage of it while there still are lots of good .com domains available.  They won’t be forever.  If you told me four years ago that 2 word domains were going to be pretty much obsolete in 2011, I would have called you crazy.   Well, they are and if you have a two word domain, it is likely worth $1,000+.  The same thing is now happening with 3 word domains, but there are still a ton of awesome ones available.

If you have ever tried looking for domain names, you will know it isn’t fun.  It is painful and takes a long time and you will be lucky if you spend a couple of hours and actually come up with a .com domain that is available.  Jaaxy has a built in feature that tells you if the top 4 TLD domains are available (.com, .org, .net, .info) and will also search out other variations with dashes in between.

Not only can you get a high quality domain ranked in Google easy (under the target keyword), it will instantly be worth considerably more than the $10 or so you buy it for.

(3) Catch the Competition With Their Pants Down – Your competition DOES NOT have the upper hand on you with Jaaxy!  If you have been wanting to know what the top ranked sites are up to, now you will be able to click scan their pages and determine things like Meta Tags, Title Tags, word counts, keyword density, page rank, alexa stats, and MUCH MORE.

With a quick copy button, you can literally swipe their details and use their own data against them.  This is very powerful for improving your SEO rankings and outranking your competition!

(4) Instant Trends & Ideas – There is nothing worse than having one of those days where you can’t seem to strum up an ounce of creativity and come up with an idea or two for a niche.  I know, I have those days sometimes…in particular on Friday’s (I don’t know why, guess my brain just gets tired).  Anyways, we have come up with an awesome solution for this within Jaaxy.

Within the Brainstorming section, you will be able to get an overview of the day’s hottest trends and products on the Internet.  This information is pulled from several sources throughout the day, so every time you log in, the information will likely be different.  Simply add one of these keywords to your brainstorming queue and perform a search on it.  I actually did this a few times yesterday and I found 50+ low competition keywords, revealed niches I would have never thought of, and even picked up a couple of awesome domains.   No initial ideas necessary! :)

(5) Truly UNLIMITED Searches – Most keyword tools have limits to usage with them.  At Jaaxy we have decided to go to a true unlimited searches and usage within the system.  If you are a member, you get unlimited access.  Unlimited keywords, unlimited searches, unlimited domain look-ups, unlimited competition look-ups, and unlimited keywords lists and exporting!  No more paying extra for every 100 more searches you want…

Why is Jaaxy priced so low?

Jaaxy is $19 per month for UNLIMITED searches and UNLIMITED use!  After scouring the Internet and doing some extensive market research, the lowest comparable search tool I found was $69 per month.  That didn’t include the feature set and when I did some research on this particular tool (not mentioning any names), it wasn’t broken and not working!  Many search tools and packages were $199 – $499 per month, depending on the package.

We wanted a tool to be affordable….something that is always there for you when you need it.  People shouldn’t have to invest their entire budget into a tool.   It doesn’t seem right.

Jaaxy delivers the best search results out there, but it is lowest price.  We want to keep it that way and keep our level of service high.  We figure that if we overdeliver, you will be a happy customer.  That is what our ultimate goal is.  If you are a happy customer, you will be a long time member. :)

Launch Week Bonuses!

During our launch week, we are offering some really awesome bonuses that you get when you become an exclusive member of Jaaxy!

BONUS #1: Stripping Niches, Uncovering Keywords & Becoming Successful Guide (2011/2012 Edition) – Learn the best techniques the experts use to find brand new niches, rip apart niches to find low competition keywords, and to take these keywords and turn them into a business.  This information has never been release to anyone else!

BONUS #2: Profiting from Domains (2011/2012 Edition) – Ever wanted to learn how people “flip domains” or “website flip” to massive profits.  We show you exactly how this is done.  It is easy to do and ANYONE can do it.  The business opportunity is unlimited in the domain marketplace and this guide will reveal everything you need to know.  Never seen before information!

BONUS #3: Access to THREE Live Jaaxy Training Webinars – Join Jay, product manager for Jaaxy for three LIVE video training sessions where he will walk you through the best keyword research techniques and reveal how to fully utilize Jaaxy to its maximum potential.  These videos are a must see and will be included for all people that sign-up this week.  Registration will take place within the members area!

I think you know the RIGHT decision.  If you have been struggling with keyword research or finding niches, you need to get your hands on Jaaxy, it will be your very favorite Keyword Research tool you have ever used.









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People tend to be over analytical by nature when it comes to keyword research. You want to have that perfect keyword that meets all the required specifications and that has the right number of searches, little competition, low page rank sites, blah, blah, blah.Keyword Research Metrics

Take it easy on yourself. You are causing a fusion between the left side and right side of your brain that is only going to lead to poor efficiency. The less efficient you become, the less work you will get done.

Today I am going to break up some of the keyword fallacies that are floating around, tell you what data points you should care about, which ones don’t really need to know, and this is going to save you a whole whack of time!

I am going to say this. There are only THREE things that you care about.

(1) How much competition does the keyword have
(2) Does it get enough traffic
(3) Does it make sense to a human being

How much Search Engine Competition

What would you rather do. Compete for rankings under a term that has 100 results in Google or one that has 100,000? There was some rhetoric in that question.

Obviously the one with 100. If you don’t have access to this data or undestand how to find this data, then you should pay close attention here.

There are two ways you can get at the exact number of competing websites for a particular keyword. One is quick (but requires Jaaxy), and another can take quite a bit longer but it is still very effective and does not require the purchase of a tool.

When analyzing a keyword, you want to know exactly how many websites have the exact search term in question within them. To do this, you want to do a quoted search in Google and see how many pages Google has listed under that search term.

Here is an example:

“best guitar for beginner”

OK, so when you type this into Google, click Search you are going to be given the Google Search Results.

Google gives bad resultsSince early 2010, Google stopped giving accurate results #’s for one reason or another (the number above is totally wrong), so to get at the most accurate results, you need to click to the very last page.


Google Page Numbers

Click, click, click…until we reach the last page.  Here is what the page looks like if we click the “5″.

Google Last Page

There are really only 33 competing sites.  This is in fact a great keyword, but if you took Google’s initial results they showed you, you would have thought there were 29,500 sites.  This throws off many marketers, but it is good for you now that you know the secret.  There are millions of awesome keywords still out there that Google doesn’t want to tell you about.

This is your true competition. You are ONLY competing with 33 sites online for this keyword!

We used to recommend that anything under 5,000 competition would be easy to get 1st page rankings under, but Google has recently done a big dump of duplicate content sites, so this number is now far lower.

To get ranked these days you want a keyword with less than 400 quoted search results. Don’t worry, there are still millions and millions of these terms out there.

Or you can save a lot of time and spare your “clicking” finger by using Jaaxy as we provide the QSR right within the tool. This is simple and efficient and you can quickly get at any QSR for any search that you do right now. This has taken years for us to refine and is very technically sophisticated, but this will literally chop down your research time by hours per week.

Here is an example of the QSR for the query “best guitars children”

Instant Quoted Search Result (QSR) Example

This literally took seconds and I quickly know that this keyword will be easy to get ranked under (in terms of SEO).  The reason the Jaaxy results was slightly different than the search I did in Google was because the location of the servers that produced the results.  Every location in the world will produce a slightly different results usually by a maximum variation of 5, thus the small disparity.

Traffic – Doesn’t Have to Be Much to Be Powerful

Traffic is KING.

Well, that is a part truth, but without traffic you are not going to have people coming to your articles, your website or your blog. Without people, you have no effective way to earn money, capture leads or build a brand.

There are two types of traffic which people can get very confused about. People often times use keyword tools in the wrong way by searching “broad” traffic results. When you do a broad search, you in essence getting data based on every single variation of a search term. For example, if you were searching “how to build a website”, it would take all sorts of subsets of this term into consideration when offering traffic data.

build website
website how to
how to build
to build
a website

This will provide you with very SKEWED data. What you really want to know is the EXACT match type. How many people search the exact term “how to build a website”.

For more clarification on match types, visit Google’s page.

Keyword Match Types Defintions

The metrics that I have always followed is more than 100 exact match searches per month. I know this doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you if you set your traffic standards lower, it opens up far more keywords and typically far more relevant, long tailed keywords.

Let’s look at the initial example again.


Instant Quoted Search Result (QSR) Example

As you can see, it gets 170 exact searches per month and 36 QSR, so it definitely meets our “greater than 100 clicks per month exact” and “less than 400 QSR” criteria we have laid out.  This particular keyword will be very easy to get ranked for within article directories or within your website pages.

Think of it this way…

If you have 100 keywords that you get ranked under on the 1st page that get 100 searches per month, you have access to 10,000 searches. Say 40% of these people click on your site, that is 4,000 clicks every month (48,000 per year)!

So by targeting keywords that are less competitive and may get a few less clicks, you are much more likely to get first page rankings in the search engines.

There is no point in getting rankings under search terms that get 1,000 exact searches per month, but you end up on the 3rd page because of the competition. This will lead to next to no clicks.

So the next metric you need to follow is 100 clicks or more, “exact match” type. You can use the free Google Keyword Tool (make sure exact match is checked off), or you

The Keyword Must Make Sense to a Human

Have you ever been doing keyword research and gotten a really strange keyword…that makes absolutely no sense…that is grammatically incorrect and you wondered who the heck would ever type that term in?

For example, one of the search terms that yield from a guitar search was:

DOESN’T MAKE SENSE: guitar s for beginners

Does this makes sense? No.  What is happening here is Google has removed the apostrophe and added a space.  The actual kewyord is “guitar’s for beginners” but the most appropriate keyword to target would be:

MAKES SENSE: “guitars for beginners”

Well, you first instinct was correct. If a keyword does not make sense, it is useless. In other words, if someone would not type in a search term because it is peculiar, then chances are no one will ever search it.

Use your intuition. Of times Google will deliver a keyword that is has within it’s database, but doesn’t full make sense. I am not positive how they come up with these terms, but they ARE NOT instantiated by a human search. Chances there are internet “bots” out there searching for things.

So, remember these three keyword metrics to follow. First, your keyword must have less than 400 quoted search results (the lower the better), then your keyword must have more than 100 monthly searches (the higher the better), and finally the keyword must make sense.

And to avoid all the rest of the meaningless JUNK stats.

Yes, there is such a thing as too much information. It is in our nature to be too analytical, especially when it comes to making decisions that could potentially impact our business a livelihoods.  BUT, do not become a over-analytical, end up accomplishing nothing, chart reading maniac.

The metrics I listed about are the main ones and you can get away with JUST looking at competition and traffic if you wanted to.

To your keyword hunting efficiency,

Jaaxy.com Co-owner






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What Are Your Odds of Becoming a Millionaire?

Here’s how much race matters in American society.

Want to figure out whether you’ll be a millionaire? A good place to start is the color of your skin.

Bloomberg News asked economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis a question: Would it be possible to calculate the odds of being a millionaire for anyone in the U.S., based on age, education, and race? Having already done extensive work in this area, bank researchers William Emmons, Bryan Noeth and Lowell Ricketts agreed to help.

U.S. Millionaires are mostly Asian or White, Educated and Old

Of these three demographic characteristics, race stuck out as especially dominant in determining a person’s net worth. Its power is illustrated by the stark contrasts it creates in individuals’ outcomes, and the effects are only magnified by race’s immutability.

“It’s a false narrative to say race doesn’t matter in the United States,” said Emmons, a senior economic adviser at the St. Louis Fed. “It demonstrably does in the results we keep coming upon.”

For the analysis, the researchers drew from information on almost 12,500 households in the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances for 2010 and 2013. The result is a rich data set that illustrates the interplay of different traits as Americans accumulate wealth over a lifetime.

According to the sample, a black person’s odds of being a millionaire increase from less than 1 percent if he or she doesn’t complete high school to 6.7 percent with a graduate degree. White Americans without a high school diploma start out with slightly better chances—1.7 percent—that rapidly improve with more school: A graduate-level education increases their probability of amassing a net worth greater than $1 million to 37 percent.

The divergences race creates are easily illustrated looking at 40- to 61-year-olds. At middle age, a black graduate degree holder has just about the same odds of being a millionaire as a white person who only completed high school.

There’s a narrative in the U.S. that “everybody starts out equally,” Emmons said. “The results that we keep coming across suggest that’s kind of hard to imagine.”

It’s not as difficult to see how large wealth gaps can form and persist. For one, discrimination can harm some Americans’ employment prospects. In a well-known study by Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan, researchers responded to help-wanted ads in Boston and Chicago newspapers with fake résumés from white- or black-sounding applicant names. The same résumés bearing monikers such as Emily Walsh and Greg Baker received 50 percent more callbacks for interviews than those with names such as Lakisha Washington and Jamal Jones.

Other studies during the last few decades have also shown that differing levels of access to education, homeownership, loans, inheritance and family assistance play a role.

A large amount of sway that race, age and education hold over a person’s life creates a challenge for those who would use social policy to fix inequalities. For example, young people are generally more vulnerable to swings in the housing cycle, they can have trouble establishing themselves in the labor market and they’re not the best at making financial decisions. But you can’t change a person’s age.

And even time favors Asians and whites far more than it does other racial and ethnic groups. An Asian person younger than 40 years old has a 2.4 percent chance of being a millionaire, odds that soar to 21 percent by the time he’s nearing or in retirement. For Hispanics, those chances barely budge: from less than 1 percent when they’re young to 2.3 percent when they’re 62 or older.

“A lot of what people talk about as responses to inequality of this sort or that sort—they’re probably not going to make much difference given that these underlying factors seem to be so powerful,” Emmons said.

While that may seem cause for despair, the results of this analysis are valuable as a starting point for changes a person can make in behavior to achieve greater financial success, Emmons said. Those include a young person waiting to buy a house until she can actually afford it or evaluating how much postsecondary schooling to take on.

It’s also important to keep in mind that wealth is just one measure of accomplishment.

“We all come out in the birth lottery with different endowments,” Emmons said. “Starting from that point, what can you do to move in a direction you’ll be happy with? That’s what we’re really trying to get at.”

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To boost your chances of success, start with a market. The trick is to find a group of people who are searching for a solution to a problem, but not finding many results. The internet makes this kind of market research easy:

  • Visit online forums to see what questions people ask and what problems they’re trying to solve.
  • Do keyword research to find keywords that a lot of people are searching, but for which, not many sites are competing.
  • Check out your potential competitors by visiting their sites and taking note of what they’re doing to fill the demand. Then you can use what you’ve learned and created a product for a market that already exists–and does it better than the competition.


Step 2: Write copy that sells.

There’s a proven sales copy formula that takes visitors through the selling process from the moment they arrive at the moment they make a purchase:

  1. Arouse interest with a compelling headline.
  2. Describe the problem your product solves.
  3. Establish your credibility as a solver of this problem.
  4. Add testimonials from people who have used your product.
  5. Talk about the product and how it benefits the user.
  6. Make an offer.
  7. Make a strong guarantee.
  8. Create urgency.
  9. Ask for the sale.

Throughout your copy, you need to focus on how your product or service is uniquely able to solve people’s problems or make their lives better. Think like a customer and ask “What’s in it for me?”

Step 3: Design and build your website.

Once you’ve got your market and product, and you’ve nailed down your selling process, now you’re ready for your small business web design. Remember to keep it simple. You have fewer than five seconds to grab someone’s attention–otherwise, they’re gone, never to be seen again. Some important tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose one or two plain fonts on a white background.
  • Make your navigation clear and simple, and the same on every page.
  • Only use graphics, audio or video if they enhance your message.
  • Include an opt-in offer so you can collect e-mail addresses.
  • Make it easy to buy–no more than two clicks between potential customer and checkout.
  • Your website is your online storefront, so make it customer-friendly.

Step 4: Use search engines to drive targeted buyers to your site.

Pay-per-click advertising is the easiest way to get traffic to a brand-new site. It has two advantages over waiting for the traffic to come to you organically. First, PPC ads show up on the search pages immediately, and second, PPC ads allow you to test different keywords, as well as headlines, prices and selling approaches. Not only do you get immediate traffic, but you can also use PPC ads to discover your best, highest-converting keywords. Then you can distribute the keywords throughout your site in your copy and code, which will help your rankings in the organic search results.

Step 5: Establish an expert reputation for yourself.

People use the internet to find information. Provide that information for free to other sites, and you’ll see more traffic and better search engine rankings. The secret is to always include a link to your site with each tidbit of information.

  • Give away free, expert content. Create articles, videos or any other content that people will find useful. Distribute that content through online article directories or social media sites.
  • Include “send to a friend” links on valuable content on your website.
  • Become an active expert in industry forums and social networking sites where your target market hangs out.

You’ll reach new readers. But even better, every site that posts your content will link back to yours. Search engines love links from relevant sites and will reward you in the rankings.

Step 6: Use the power of email marketing to turn visitors into buyers.

When you build an opt-in list, you’re creating one of the most valuable assets of your online business. Your customers and subscribers have given you permission to send them an email. That means:

  • You’re giving them something they’ve asked for.
  • You’re developing lifetime relationships with them.
  • The response is 100 percent measurable.
  • Email marketing is cheaper and more effective than print, TV or radio because it’s highly targeted.

Anyone who visits your site and opts into your list is a very hot lead. And there’s no better tool than email for following up with those leads.

Step 7: Increase your income through back-end sales and upselling.

One of the most important internet marketing strategies is to develop every customer’s lifetime value. At least 36 percent of people who have purchased from you once will buy from you again if you follow up with them. Closing that the first sale is by far the most difficult part–not to mention the most expensive. So use back-end selling and upselling to get them to buy again:

  • Offer products that complement their original purchase.
  • Send out electronic loyalty coupons they can redeem on their next visit.
  • Offer related products on your “Thank You” page after they purchase.

Reward your customers for their loyalty and they’ll become even more loyal.

The internet changes so fast that one year online equals about five years in the real world. But the principles of how to start and grow a successful online business haven’t changed at all. If you’re just starting a small business online, stick to this sequence. If you’ve been online awhile, do a quick review and see if there’s a step you’re neglecting, or never got around to doing in the first place. You can’t go wrong with the basics.

I thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and reading this may Our LORD and Savior Continue to Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn You.

I Pray that You Obtain The Success You Seek and All of Your Endeavors are Fruitful and You Walk with God Always!

To God, We Give the Glory and Praise His Holy Name FoeEver and Ever, Hallelujah and Amen.



On Line Jobs!

Below is a list of companies that are hiring; my question to you is this. Why would you work for someone else when you can have the “Freedom” of Owning Your Own Business and working from the comfort of Your Home; no 9-5, no traffic to deal with and “NO BOSS”!

I have been Blessed to have Owned My Own Business Since 1986, thirty-one years and counting. I have done just about everything that’s legal from selling AMWAY, EXCELL TETECOMMUNATIONS, and MAIL-ORDER. I’ve made a lot of money but I lost thousands too. Wealthy Affiliate is the Business I’ve searched for the entire 31 years I have been self-employed. If you are serious about owning Your Very Own OnLine Business that allows you to become the Entrepreneur you desire to be, then I advise you to join me and Start Living The Life You Want And Deserve. 

You and Your Loved Ones Deserve The Very Best Life Has To Offer And This Fantastic Business Will Give You The Tools To Achieve All Of Your Financial Goals, Wants Needs And Or Desires. Your Journey Awaits You!

To God I Give The Glory; I Praise His Holy Name; I Shall Follow Him All The Days Of My Life; His Mercy And Grace Covers Me Always And I Shall Love Honor And Follow His Commands ForEver And Ever!

Your Brother In Christ; Respectfully


Online jobs

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Experience Level
Jobs 1 to 10 of 306,432
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Voice Transcriptionist

Alorica 4,397 reviewsOmaha, NE 68197
Alorica is an equal opportunity employer and committed to diversity in its workforce. But as Alorica employees, giving back matters just as much – that’s why we…

Data Entry / Support Services

Collection AgencyLynnwood, WA 98036

$11.00 – $12.50 an hour
Under the supervision of the Director of Quality and Compliance, this employee is responsible for processing correspondence received and sent to consumers and…
Easily apply


Home Depot 25,750 reviewsTempe, AZ
Proven ability to lead effective and productive teams and proven ability to effectively develop and guide direct reports….

Criminal Court Researcher

Sterling Talent Solutions 18 reviewsCovington, KY  +3 locations

Work well under pressure with time-sensitive projects. Good interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written….

Online Personal Shopper

Hy-Vee, Inc. 1,793 reviewsColumbus, NE  +15 locations

Ability to identify problems, develop and execute solutions. Online Shopping Manager. Performs other job-related duties and special projects as required….

Customer Service Representative Call Center

VitaminLife 3 reviewsWoodinville, WA 98072

Send your cover letter and resume. Letter will serve as your writing sample. Letter should explain how your qualifications pertain to this position….
Easily apply

After Hours Remote Call Center Manager / Agent -Part-Time

Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet Seattle, WA

Manage the Primary Agent’s work during the shift and ensure they have all the necessary resources to succeed. Able to adapt to new technology with ease….
Easily apply

Call Center Customer Service Rep. (Virtual)

Aaron & Bee Jewelry Llc. Atlanta, GA  +1 location

$7.25 an hour

Talks to customers over the phone, email and online chat to resolve their concerns. We’re a global leader in network marketing/direct selling and we’re working…
Easily apply

Jr. Data Entry

Insight Enterprises, Inc. Spokane, WA  +2 locations

Understand contract language in order to effectively manage to the terms and conditions of each program. Problem solving, organization and time management…
Easily apply

Fashion Marketing/Merchandising Intern

E. Turner Couture Cypress, TX

We would prefer applicants who study (or have studied) marketing, social media, pr or fashion, but will make an exception for the right applicant.There will be…
Easily apply


MTG 12 reviewsUnited, PA

Use online market research and catalogue findings to databases. Remain fully informed on market trends, other parties research and implement best practices….
Easily apply

Data Entry – Mortgage

MetaSource 44 reviewsSalt Lake City, UT

$10 an hour

Learning internal keying programs. Education and Qualification. MetaSource is seeking a Data Entry team members….
Easily apply

Social Media Editor, Instagram

POPSUGAR 4 reviewsSan Francisco, CA  +2 locations

Provide content and audience insights and competitive analysis to Editorial, Video, and Design teams to inspire more Instagram-first content creation….
Easily apply


Home Depot 25,750 reviewsOgden, UT
Demonstrated ability to complete projects and assignments accurately, despite a large workload, competing demands and a fast paced environment….

Customer Service Representative – Up to $25 per hour

Uline 131 reviewsHudson, WI

$25 an hour
Guide customers through their order and process them in a fast-paced environment using world-class technology….

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Affiliate Marketing and You!

Affiliate Marketing and You!
The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation…
Resource Image

10 Lessons

Rated 9.9 out of 10 :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Course Description

You have a sound foundation for creating a successful business online. As many of you are starting to understand, content can lead to a good deal of success and this course is going to elaborate on the content aspect of your business.

You are going to extend your skills and knowledge in everything from the initial research process, the content layout/architecture/structuring, creating high engagement through your content, effective techniques for boosting conversions, and scaling your content through proper goal setting and outsourcing.

The outcome of this training is going to be an understand of how to scale your business through content in the most effective and efficient way.

Lessons Included

Lesson 1Content is YOUR Business
Lesson 2Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools
Lesson 3Improving Indexing Times and Speeds
Lesson 4People need to read your content
Lesson 5A Year is a Short Period of Time, Yet BIG…
Lesson 6Writing Within a Devised Plan Architecture
Lesson 7Writing Your Content With Conversion Intent
Lesson 8Injecting Comments with Intent
Lesson 9Bing and Yahoo, They Are Still the 33%
Lesson 10Articulating a PLAN for the months and year…
Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Content production and how to do so efficiently
Creating visually appealing content
Going from content to conversions
Using webmaster tools and the benefit to your business
Getting people to actually read and engage in your content
Planning for a successful year of content creation (and business)
A reveal and analysis of real life conversions
Getting indexed and ranked into the other big search engines (Bing & Yahoo)
A long term strategy session for a brilliant website
How to properly outsource aspects your content production
Scaling your content, rankings, and traffic in a cumulative way
  Affiliate Marketing and You!
WEALTHY AFFILIATE Home Page: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/wlg
Price: Starter Membership-FREE
Premium Membership, $49/month OR $359/year
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100
Who  WEALTHY AFFILIATE is for: Newbies, Experts-We have Everyone Covered.
I would like to share with you information about affiliate marketing, it is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products, offers and or services. You find a product, offer and or service you like, promote it to others, and you earn money for each sale you make.
There are millions of companies that offer countless products for you to sell, and they pay you a commission for selling their products, offers or services. I want to introduce you to a company that was created on August 31/2005 -Wealthy Affiliates, we have 880839 members who have a vital thriving online business that has allowed many of them to become”DEBT FREE”. The Perfect Business Platform that offers everything you need to create, expand and manage your online business; when you visit I believe you will agree with me that this is the best Internet Business on the Internet. You’ll see why I am so excited to share this valuable, exciting, wealth-creating opportunity with you.
We Offer You:
Training (to help you succeed)-the best on the Internet.
It is an all-inclusive experience where you will receive everything you need, from your owning your very own website and hosting these sites on our state of the art platform, to 1,000’s of Videos, Tutorials, and Classroom Training and Courses To Ensure Your Success.
Over 880,000 Helpful Members 9 who will share their expertise with you if you need assistance with ANYTHING!
Live & Interactive Help, even at 2 AM in the morning!
2 FREE, Beautiful Designed Websites(FREE ACTUALLY MEANS FREE!)
State of theArt Secure and Fast Hosting
A Strict Spam-Free Environment
The Tools & Services within Wealthy Affiliate offer you the tools to accomplish all of your research, writing and website hostings. Also
What kind of website do you want to build?
On a free domain
On a domain I own
Register a domain
The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation…
Resource Image

10 Lessons

Rated 9.9 out of 10 :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 

Course Description

You have a sound foundation for creating a successful business online. As many of you are starting to understand, content can lead to a good deal of success and this course is going to elaborate on the content aspect of your business.

You are going to extend your skills and knowledge in everything from the initial research process, the content layout/architecture/structuring, creating high engagement through your content, effective techniques for boosting conversions, and scaling your content through proper goal setting and outsourcing.

The outcome of this training is going to be an understand of how to scale your business through content in the most effective and efficient way.

Lessons Included

Lesson 1Content is YOUR Business
Lesson 2Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools
Lesson 3Improving Indexing Times and Speeds
Lesson 4People need to read your content
Lesson 5A Year is a Short Period of Time, Yet BIG…
Lesson 6Writing Within a Devised Plan Architecture
Lesson 7Writing Your Content With Conversion Intent
Lesson 8Injecting Comments with Intent
Lesson 9Bing and Yahoo, They Are Still the 33%
Lesson 10Articulating a PLAN for the months and year…
Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Content production and how to do so efficiently
Creating visually appealing content
Going from content to conversions
Using webmaster tools and the benefit to your business
Getting people to actually read and engage in your content
Planning for a successful year of content creation (and business)
A reveal and analysis of real life conversions
Getting indexed and ranked into the other big search engines (Bing & Yahoo)
A long term strategy session for a brilliant website
How to properly outsource aspects your content production
Scaling your content, rankings, and traffic in a cumulative way
Resource Image



Add comment

William L.
In reply to Dennis Darragh.You are absolutely correct Dennis, I agree 1000%; I have been involved in The Mail-Order=Business over 31 years(1986 to be exact) I know that Wealthy Affiliate is the vehicle that will allow me to fulfill my Life-Long-Dream. Which is to help as many people as I can to reach and obtain their Financial Goals!

To God Give The Glory;
Praise His Holy Name;
Your Brother in Christ;

In reply to Dennis Darragh.I agree 1000% Dennis, I know that it is going to be the vehicle that will allow me to fulfill my life-long dream of helping as many people as I possibly can obtain their financial goals.

To God Give The Glory;
Praise His Holy Name;
Your Brother in Christ;

William L.
In reply to Dennis Darragh.I am so Blessed to have found Wealthy Affiliate, I know that with the training I’m receiving I will master the Internet. I could only read and send emails; copy and paste before joining. Now I’ve built two websites. There are not exactly constructed the way I want but I will make the necessary changes as I get more knowledge.

Thank you for checking my site out. May The LORD Our Savior Continue to Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn You Always!

Give God The Glory;
Praise His Holy Name;
Your Brother in Christ;

Dennis Darragh
I agree Wealthy Affiliate is a place where people can prosper. It takes hard work and determination. It is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. It can turn into a decent living with great benefits of personal freedom! I would recommend it to anyone wanting to supplement their income or even replace it!



New Information For You!

Capture color themes with Adobe Capture CC

Capture color themes with Adobe Capture CC

Learn how to use Adobe Capture CC to capture and create inspiring color themes that can be used right away in other Adobe desktop and mobile apps. (See how, 4 min)

Capture inspiring color themes with Adobe Capture CC on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Then apply the production-ready assets to projects in a wide variety of desktop and mobile apps.

What do I need?

  Capture CC for iPad, iPad Pro, and iPhone

   Capture CC for Android

Step 1 of 4

Capture a color theme

Open Adobe Capture CC and sign-in with your Adobe ID (Get an Adobe ID).

Tap the Colors menu option, then tap the + icon. Point your camera at an object. Interactive color circles will appear. Tap the screen to freeze it so you can move indidvidual color circles to adjust the theme. Tap the Capture button to capture.

Note: The screenshots in this tutorial show Adobe Capture CC on an iPhone. The user interface may vary between iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Optional: If you want to create a color theme based on an existing image from your device camera, Creative Cloud, or Market, tap the square icon next to the Capture button, then select the asset you want.

Note: If you have setup an Adobe Stock account, Adobe Stock will appear as an additional Capture From option.

Step 2 of 4

Save a color theme

Review the color theme and enter a name for it. Choose the appropriate Creative Cloud Library, then tap Save Color Theme.

Note: You can tap Make Discoverable under the Sharing option to publish color themes to the web service and make it public for others to search and use.

Note: You can also create color themes from the web service. Just open a web browser, navigate to color.adobe.com, and sign in with your Adobe ID. Move the dots on the color wheel to create the color theme you want. Then, click Save, name the color theme, and save it to a Creative Cloud Library.

Step 3 of 4

Use color theme in desktop apps

Use your color themes in desktop apps such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, After Effects CC, Premiere Pro CC, Dreamweaver CC, Muse CC, and Flash Professional CC. Open your project in the appropriate desktop app and select Window > Libraries (or CC Libraries) to see the Color Themes you have created.

Then, select the part of the project with the color you want to change and pick the new color from a color theme.

Step 4 of 4

Use color theme in mobile apps

Use your color themes in mobile apps such as Comp CC, Illustrator Draw, and Photoshop Sketch. Open your project and tap to select the color option. Tap the Library option, the third menu from the left. Then, scroll to the bottom and select Change Library to select the Library you just created and replace the color of the selected object with a color from your new theme.

Let us know what you think

Come To Vegas With Us!

Last Update: February 09, 2017

Las Vegas 2017 is done. Just returning right now from the flight and I thought I would give people an overall synopsis of what took place in Vegas in 2017 in respect to discussions, how the event went down and also provide you with inside look “pics”(that pic above is an actual pic from the balcony of where the event took place).
First, there were 12 of us in total this year. There were many others that made it, but like every year we have to set a date and sometimes family, health, or other issues can prevent folks from coming. It would have been by far our biggest and most proactive group this year and next year we know that there are going to be MANY of you that are reading this and just starting out that will be sitting at the table.

Get 300 sales from now until December 31st, 2017 and you are going to be sitting in Vegas with us next year. It is 100% possible for YOU to achieve this.

OK, so now for the walk-through of the trip.

Rolling in Style & The New “Bentley” Challenge

The Skylofts have updated their vehicles, for the last 6 years they have picked up their guests in a Rolls Royce, but they have updated their fleet to the Bentley NAME. There are actually only 10 of these in the world and the MGM has ordered 5 of them.

So we got a chance to ride in one of these when myself, Carson and Jay (whom is also from our hometown) arrived in Las Vegas.

By the way, if you achieve over 3,000 sales you can get this treatment too. You will be getting your very own Skyloft and you will be transported to and from the hotel through your own Bentley.

If you can reach 300 sales, you can reach 3,000 and I know lots of folks are gunning for that this year. Will this be you.

The 4 Day Event, How it Went Down

The conference takes place over a 4 day period and we love to mix things up every year. This year was another year of surprises. We always like to keep it fresh every year, but also keep it consistent from one year to the next so the guys and gals that attend also know the format.

The first night we got together for a meet and greet in the loft (our room) which is approximately 6,500 square feet. We hung out for some drinks, hanging out, and of course some great conversations about business, life, and the general excitement that surrounds the Internet.

Followed by this are 3 days of meetings where we hang out in the lofts (fully catered) and discuss where we are headed in the year ahead, how to best help YOU and the community here, and some exciting and industry leading projects we are working on.

Here is a sneak peek of the conference area and this years WA swag.

When you attend Vegas, you get the current year swag which changes every year. This year we did high-end water bottles, new mug designs, Bettoni pens, and leather bound Royce padfolios.

We also had $200 set out for each super affiliate for gambling. 🙂

Night 2: Craft Beer Night, LOTS of fun!

Like the Internet industry, the beer industry has evolved drastically over the past few years and for those of you that are into the craft beer movement will know what we are talking about (like Carson and I are).

We had it set-up in advance to have to get some our favorite craft beers and some we haven’t tried available in our loft for a craft beer night…with of course our WA brand craft paddles!

Not everyone drinks, so it is completely fine if you don’t drink of course but we did get some of the finest crafts available for everyone to test their beer palettes.
From there we made our way to Carrot Top, the 8th rated show in Vegas. The tickle trunk comedian got us all in hysterics, one of the funnier comedians out there in my opinion and it was a great time.

From there we all took over a craps table with our gambling money and a few good rolls later we all ended up at least $200+, doubling our money! Not a bad start.

Night 3: Craft Steak and Old Vegas

The second night we typically do a really nice dinner somewhere. This year we went to Craft Steak, a Vegas renown steakhouse with some of the finest cuts around. It was a wonderful time as it is every year with some engaging conversation and a lot of really great laughs.

From there we took a super stretch limo and went to Old Vegas to spend the rest of the night. A nice way to unwind and hang out.

Night 4: The Farewell (Let’s Go, Bowling!)

This year we mixed things up for the farewell event, we switched hotels altogether and got a room with a two lane bowling alley in it. It sounds unbelievable, but that is Vegas. Just when you think something can’t be done, it can. lol

Here is a group shot of the bowling night which had cash prizes. I think the top group took the title with an average bowling score of 120 or so (for all of you bowlers out there).

All in all, it was an amazing trip and it only seems to get better and better with every year that passes. We are already counting down the days until next years trip and we look forward to having many more of you down there next year. Perhaps we will have some new surprises up our sleeves.

So What Do We Have Planned in 2017?

As with every year, the CORE focus of all of our meetings is the service at Wealthy Affiliate and what we can do to make the platform better in EVERY respect. Every year Wealthy Affiliate remains the most progressive, innovative, and advanced platform in the online business world and we have plans on changing that.

I can tell you that this year our rollouts and the new features that are going to be available to members are nothing short of amazing.

We are focus on:

  1. A much more efficient and integrated website building experience.
  2. Better design and navigation (which includes mobile)
  3. New tools for managing communication with fellow members
  4. Expedited help for all levels of experience, from newbies to expert
  5. A Series of HUGE systems and platform rollouts to further benefit members
  6. Pushing the hosting platform beyond ANY WordPress hosting experience in the industry
  7. Brand new ways to earn money within Wealthy Affiliate
  8. And much more.

In fact, the synopsis outline for the group conference in Vegas this year was over 36 pages. These are all discussions about changes and improvements that come to WA and as with any other year, there could be 100’s of updates that take place within WA each and every month.

Some subtle changes that slowly improve the platform here, some much more significant rollouts. We are going to be changing the game once again in 2017 and doing things that simply are not done anywhere else in the industry.

WA is Doing Big Things…

And we know this is going to continue to be a trend with every year that passes. We are committed to you, to the community, and to the ethics of the entire affiliate/internet marketing world and we will not step our positive and innovative progression within this industry.

WA is converting better than ever…

Retention has never been better…

Overall user satisfaction has never been better!

As time goes on, it only becomes easier and easier to achieve Las Vegas criteria. 300 sales is becoming easier and easier with each day that passes.

One thing that we haven’t deviated from in the last 12 years at WA is our focus on making our service better. Expect brilliant things from us in the year ahead, with many rollouts and new features here already taking place, but with LOTS to come.

Are You Coming to Vegas in 2018?

300 sales. That is it. Like I mentioned, as time goes on WA is only getting better as a service, as a platform, and as a community.

We want you in Vegas next year and I personally know with some effort you can achieve the 300 sales and far beyond, even if you are starting out.

Every single person that was in Vegas this year was at one point a newbie, at one point hadn’t made their first referral, and now there are many people operating full time and very successful businesses through the promotion of WA and creating a brand within affiliate marketing/online business world.

Again, here are just some of the things included in the All Inclusive and very Exclusive trip:

  • You will be rubbing shoulders with other Superstar Affiliates.
  • You will learn about our plans for WA in 2018 (brilliant stuff coming)
  • Your ENTIRE trip will be paid for!
  • You will be put up in style with beautiful accommodations
  • Entertainment is in abundance (gambling, shows, dinners, drinks)
  • Delicious food catered throughout the day.
  • Surprises, we keep things interesting ever year!
  • You will be heading home with our latest high-end WA swag.
  • You will be in the best shape EVER in terms of your business

This can and will be you if you put forth the effort and please do know that you have an entire community of help to help you out every step of the way. 300 sales. Ready. Set. Go!

To YOUR success and seeing you in Vegas next year!

Kyle & Carson

101 Steps To Success!

A Guide To Achieving Your Goals!


Most people want to be successful in life. There are goals set and then the
hard work begins to reach those goals. The question is what is success?
Actually, success can mean different things to different people.
For example, a person that owns their own oil changing service for vehicles might set their level of success at servicing 50 cars a day while someone who loves music might consider success as cutting their own CD. In addition, success does not always have to involve money. Success could be getting a good grade in a difficult class or learning how to bake the perfect chocolate cake.
Success comes in all different shapes and sizes with one common
denominator. Success is important and it takes work to reach.
Regardless of what your specific success is, there are ways to surpass your
goal. We have put together 101 tips that can be used for any success.
These are ways to better yourself as a person, proven methods you can
apply to reach success.
1 . Realize your Potential
In order to succeed at anything, you need to see that you have the
potential to reach your goals. For example, if you want to be a
recording artist but have no singing ability, having success in this field is
not likely. However, if you love working on cars and have a real talent
for fixing engines and transmissions, and to you, success would mean
working for NASCAR, you have potential to learn and achieve that
2 . Don’t Look Back
Everyone has failures or mistakes from the past. To have success, you
need to learn from your past and value those difficult lessons but do not
every dwell on the past. Simply move forward and make better, more
educated decisions from the lessons learned.
3 . Dare to Dream
To succeed, you need to have dreams and aspirations. Be honest with
yourself as to what you want out of life and what you want to give of
your life. Allow your mind to dream and think big.
4 . Business Plan
Create a Business Plan as your very first step if you are planning to build
a business. Whether you will be searching for investors or not, this plan
will be the blueprint to your success. The Business Plan will consist of
market trends, financial planning, competitive analysis, exit strategies,
marketing and promotional options, everything about your goal. When
going before an investor, you will be required to have a Business Plan.
This is by far the most important document of all. If your success were
something personal, you would not need to create a Business Plan
although a project plan would be a good option to allow you to keep
track of everything involving your goal.
5 . Don’t Give Up
To reach success, you have to persevere. Even Thomas Edison had to
learn this. When he was creating the incandescent light bulb, it took
him more than 10,000 times to get it right. Keep striving even when it
becomes challenging.
6 . Have an Unstoppable Attitude
You need to have determination. With good intentions, there may be a
close friend or family member that feels it would be better if you
focused your attention in another direction. Uphold your unstoppable
attitude, determined to succeed.
7 . Stop the Complaining
You might think there is no correlation between complaining and success
when in fact there is a connection. When you are spending time
complaining about the obstacles you are facing, you are wasting so
much time being negative that you are actually loosing chances to move
forward. Instead of thinking of challenges as problems, think of them as
8 . Focus on Something you Like
To increase your chance of succeeding, you should concentrate your
efforts on something you enjoy. When you start out, make a list of
everything you find interesting. Then in a second column, write down
the skills you have in relation to each of those items. This will help you
narrow choices down based on interest and skill, which gets you started
in the right direction for success.
9 . Change your Circumstances
You have a choice in life to accept your position or change it. If you
choose to plug along in life hoping that something will change for the
better, you will not get very far. Always remember that when it comes
to changing your circumstances, you can – you have that power. As an
example, women who are in abusive situations often feel controlled and
powerless to get out of the situation. They have the same choice of
changing their circumstances as you do. If your circumstances lower
the chances of success, you need to change them.
1 0. Have a Plan
Even if it is flimsy to begin with, you should construct a plan to include
goal, milestones, deliverables such as contracts, business plans, etc.,
and accomplishments. This will provide you with a visual as to what you
are working for, what milestones you have successfully met, and where
you need to do better.
1 1. Accept Responsibility
You need to accept responsibility if you make a bad decision or fall
behind in your plan. Let us say that you have set some firm milestones
that need to be accomplished in order for you to move to the next step.
However, you got tired of working hard and took some time to play,
which is fine as long as it does not affect your goals. Now months have
passed and you are way behind schedule. This delay has closed several
doors of opportunities. Who is to blame?
1 2. Be Happy
A positive mind and happy, upbeat attitude will help you succeed. It has
been proven in many studies that a person living in a happy state
generally gets much further in just about everything they do. This
relates to attitude. Just as bad attitude can pull you down, good
attitude and a happy, healthy mind will help you meet your objectives.
1 3. No Shortcuts
An old cliché states, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” This
should be your motto. When you want to succeed, you cannot afford to
take shortcuts. Taking shortcuts leads to imperfection and
inadequacies. Always strive for the best, even if it requires a little more
time and effort.
1 4. Have Courage
Depending on what your specific success is, it may take courage to
arrive at your desired destination. For example, if you have a dream of
being a writer and to you, that is success, but according to your long
line of family members who have all gone on to be doctors, the only
success in their minds is if you follow down the medical path. This
means you will have to have courage to stand up for what you believe
and desire to do, even if it means disappointing family.
1 5. Be Excited to Learn
Referring back to the analogy of Edison, when asked about his failures
by a young boy, Edison commented, “Young man, I didn’t fail 9,999
times, I discovered 9,999 ways not to invent the light bulb.” As you
work toward your specific success, always enjoy opportunities to learn,
even if it takes longer than you think it should.                                             1 6. Share your Success                                                                            Although this may be more at the end of the process, it is important.When you finally do reach your success, use your experience to teach, guide, and mentor others so that they too might succeed.                 1 7. Seek Input
Whatever your idea of success, conduct a “sanity check” throughout the
process of reaching your goal. This should be done with someone you
trust and who is themselves successful. Ask them to provide honest
feedback about your success and as you move through different
milestones, bounce concerns or new ideas off them to help keep you on
the right track.
1 8. Toxic Poisoning
No, we are not talking about actual poison but toxic people that can
poison. Unfortunately, it would be great if close friends or co-workers
could share in your success but all too often, there will be someone who
is either dealing with the “green monster” of jealousy or has a case of
the “I knew that” syndrome. If you are serious about reaching your
goal and being successful, you will need to rid your life of these people.
While you may not be able to get them out of your life completely, you
should avoid them as best as possible. If this is a person, you see every
day, keep your goals to yourself, and avoid that specific subject.
1 9. Be a Good Listener
To succeed, you need to learn how to listen first. Pay attention to other
people who have enjoyed successes in their life, attend seminars given
by people that can motivate and encourage, or be open to hearing that
a particular idea is not a good one. Good listening takes time to learn
but in the end, it will be your greatest tool.
2 0. Birds of a Feather
If you have a goal of being a best-selling author, find friends and
mentors who either have achieved that same goal or are also pursuing a
successful writing career. It is important to surround yourself with
people that can associate with your goal and passion, people who
understand the burning desire to succeed and can encourage when you
meet with disappointments.
2 1. Little Red Engine
Do you remember the story of the caboose that was desperately trying
to make it over a very large hill? He kept telling himself repeatedly, “I
think I can, I think I can.” When you start feeling overwhelmed or
defeated, tell yourself aloud these same words. While it may seem a
little awkward at first, stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself, “I
think I can, I think I can.” You might even change the words to, “I
know I can!”
2 2. Be Proactive
While it may take time to learn how to identify ways to avoid obstacles
or failures, get into the habit of tackling problems before they arise.
This will help you avoid wasting precious time on your road to success.
2 3. Stay Motivated
When striving for the big goal of success, it is critical to stay motivated.
Find inspiring and motivational tapes, seminars, books, movies;
whatever you are able to get your hands on. When you start to feel a
little down and out and doubt starts to creep in, turn to these
motivational tools to help you keep on track. A few excellent motivators
include Tony Robbins, Norman Vincent Peale, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, and
Les Brown.
2 4. Give Yourself a Break
While being determined is important, do not be so hard on yourself that
you become critical of every move you make. Give yourself some room
to make mistakes and be flexible with you. That does not mean you can
miss goals but it does mean that if you do, you find out how to avoid
that from happening again and then get back to business.
2 5. Be Passionate
Fall in love with what your success. Okay, although that sounds funny,
you need to have an intimate passion with your interest. You can do
this regardless of what your success is. By having passion for what you
are doing and driving toward, you will automatically put more effort into
it. Passion is a good thing as long as it does not become an obsession.
2 6. Don’t Settle
If you have a goal of becoming a world-famous chef and you know you
have both desire and skill, do not just settle to become a short order
cook at your local family-style restaurant. While that may be good
training ground, do not allow yourself to lose sight of your ultimate goal.
2 7. No Excuses
Many famous actors, music artists, inventors, etc., had special
challenges ranging from learning disabilities to physical disabilities.
Take Beethoven for example. He was born deaf yet he went on to be
one of the world’s greatest composers or Joni Erickson who was
paralyzed from the neck down yet she learned to paint with her mouth.
Today, her paintings are famous around the world and worth millions. If
you are faced with a special challenge of your own, while you may have
to adjust things from time to time, do not use excuses. If you want
something bad enough, there is a way!
2 8. Getting Past Fear of Failure
Being afraid of failure is a normal emotion for every person on the
planet. How you get past that fear is the determining factor between
failing and succeeding. You can do that by setting realistic goals and
then examining those goals on occasion to do any necessary
realignment. Above all, believe in yourself and the desire burning
2 9. Patience and Dues
Succeeding takes time. A goal worth setting will take time to achieve.
Be patient with yourself, the people around you, and the process it
takes to become successful, also referred to as “paying your dues.” Just
like the chef scenario, it takes time to be a master chef. Pay your dues
by learning and working your way up the ladder to success.
3 0. Good Time / Resource Management
Being successful also means keeping to a schedule. In addition, you
need to learn how much is too much. Good time and resource
management will help you ensure that you use your time wisely and
that you are not adding third portions onto a plate still overflowing with
3 1. Make Opportunities
Rather than wait for opportunity to find you, you need to find
opportunities. This might be watching for business opportunities in the
paper regarding small businesses being sold, great real estate
opportunities, and investments with stocks, bonds, or mutual funds,
taking a talent and turning it into an entrepreneurial adventure. People
that have reached financial status will tell you that they look for ways to
seize opportunities, not wait for opportunities to come knocking on their
door because it will not happen that way.
3 2. Attitude
Putting yourself in the right attitude for success should be at the top of
your list. Staying positive and surrounding yourself with friends, that
share a positive attitude will help you succeed. Do not allow negative
thoughts to slip into your mind. Attend motivational seminars and find
ways to enjoy life. A good attitude will allow you to turn any bad
situation into a learning experience. You have heard the saying, “The
glass is either half-full or half-empty.” You need to adopt the attitude
that life is half-full. The result is that you will feel better, have more
energy, and have a much higher opportunity for success.
3 3. Be Thankful
You need to be thankful for not only your accomplishments but also your
failures. Having a grateful attitude is important. It will help you stay
humble, which in turn, will help you continue striving for the ultimate in
3 4. Keep a Journal
As you work hard to reach success, regardless of what you consider that
success to be, you need to be able to see your accomplishments. Start
a journal and track everything you have conquered. When you feel
discouraged or frustrated, reflect on what you have achieved, and
rejuvenate yourself.
3 5. Rewards
When children do something great, parents will reward them with
something nice, whether a kind word of encouragement or a new toy.
When people do well in their job, they get raises. As you surpass your
milestones, reward yourself. Treat yourself to something nice – a new
dress, a new fishing pole, whatever you like, be sure to reward yourself
for a job well done.
3 6. Watch for Scams
Whether you are just starting out or expanding an existing business,
unfortunately, there are thousands of people waiting to defraud you out
of money. If something appears too good to be true – IT IS! Always
conduct thorough research and never jump into opportunities that look
perfect. If someone becomes pushy, wanting you to make a quick
decision on any type of investment, do not walk away – RUN away!
3 7. Focus on the Big Picture
As you make your way toward success, you will be challenged with big
obstacles as well as small obstacles. Pick your battles wisely. While you
need to resolve the small issues, do not dwell on them and lose precious
time and energy when you should be focusing on the bigger picture. In
other words, do not allow the menial things to clutter your mind and
monopolize your time.
3 8. Make the Best of Each Day
Try to live everyday as though it were your last. Make the most of
every day and accomplish something. Even if it is something small,
every baby step adds up to a huge success in the end.
3 9. Make the Process and Adventure
You should look at every angle of your journey as an exciting adventure.
When you think of your childhood years, you loved investigating the
unknown. Carry this with you as you strive toward success. Anticipate
the excitement of each accomplishment – make it a real adventure.
4 0. Don’t Neglect Things
Especially when things are small and do not appear to have a major
impact on the big picture, you need to ensure you follow through and
complete your tasks. Those little things can quickly add up to a big
mess if not taken care of in a timely and efficient manner.
4 1. Offer Praise
If you have people helping you out, whether on a volunteer basis or a
full-time employee, always offer praise. These people are an important
part of your success and by providing praise and support; in return,
they will show dedication and work hard to help you reach your goal.
4 2. Set Daily Goals
In order to visualize your accomplishments and stay encouraged, you
need to set daily goals. These goals can be as simply as a follow up
phone call or a written letter to an investor. Whatever the task is, get it
done. In addition to keeping the process for your success on track, it
will help you to feel like you are making accomplishments, pushing you
closer and closer to the success.
4 3. Collaborate with Others
More than likely, you will reach various times when you do not have the
appropriate expertise to accomplish something. This is the time
collaboration and/or networking is valuable. These relationships can
help you answer questions, provide guidance, and provide the ongoing
support and encouragement you will need.
4 4. Customer Relations
Keep your line of communication open with your customers. If they
have a problem, show them the deserved respect and resolve the issue
quickly. Make occasional phone calls to see if they have any needs.
This will let your customers know that you are there for them and care
about their business. This relationship is what is going to keep you on
the road to success. After all, the customer is your link between failure
and success.
4 5. Repositioning and Reflection
On occasion, reflect on what you have accomplished as well as your
open milestones and ensure you are still heading in the right direction.
Repositioning along the way to success is perfectly normal and to be
expected. You may have been struggling with something specific.
Rather than continue battling this issue, reflect on what has not been
working, and reposition yourself so you do not have to keep battling the
same things repeatedly.
4 6. Accept Responsibility
You and you alone are responsible for your success. While you will have
help in many instances, the bottom line is that you are responsible. You
need to be surrounded by the right people, working with the right
investors, going about meeting your success in the right way. It is you
that will make the choices and therefore, your responsibility to make the
right choices. In other words, your desire for success must always be
greater that any obstacle that stands in your way.
4 7. Community
Regardless of what your goal for success is, get involved with your
community. First, get involved with town meetings, the local Chamber
of Commerce, and attend community functions. You will be amazed at
the opportunities for support, business ideas, and financing available
right there in your own neighborhood.
4 8. Record Keeping
Always keep your records up to date. This would include contact
information, investor information, Business Plans, attorney information,
accounting, everything you touch regarding your goal. In addition, keep
your files on your computer backed up and current. First, you never
know when you are going to be asked for a specific document and need
to provide quick turn-around. Second, computers do crash and it would
be a disaster if all of your information were suddenly gone.
4 9. Get out of Debt
Take time to get any debts paid off, especially credit card debts that will
cost you a fortune in interest. This is especially important if you will be
seeking funding as a part of your particular success. You want to
ensure that your records and credit are clean if you need to make a
presentation before an investor, asking for money.
5. Read, Stay current on the industry news that your goal falls in. Learn about current trends, company failures or successes, new ideas; whatever information you can find. For example, if you have decided to open a retail store and have a great idea and a real passion for your goal, read about that specific type of store, location, potential revenue, downfalls,everything. This information will be a part of your business plan and is crucial.

5 1. Location, Location, Location
If you are planning to open a business, you have probably already heard
how important the right location is in order to be successful. Do not
settle for any location as a means of getting the doors of your business
open. Instead, take the appropriate amount of time and find the “right”
location. This will be one of the best decisions you can make. It would
be far better to delay your opening a month in order to secure the right
location than to open early in the wrong location!
5 2. Good Habits
Being successful, whether personal or business requires good habits. It
is just like trying to do well in school. You have to have good study
habits in order to do well on tests. It is the same for the business
world. You need to do your “homework.” Read the newspaper, scout
out opportunities, and take time each day to dedicate specifically to your
5 3. Be Open to Improvement
Sometimes, people get into the habit of thinking they have the answers
needed. You need to accept that you do not have all the answers and
more importantly, be open to recommendations from other people.
That does not mean you have to agree or even follow those
suggestions, but it does mean to listen. You never know when someone
will have an idea that will make things easier and more functional,
ultimately helping you arrive at your goal more efficiently.
5 4. Take Notes
How many times have you had an idea either through a dream, while
doing the dishes, or sitting at your desk, and have thought that as soon
as you have time, you will make a note of it. When that free time rolls
around, you have forgotten some or all of that great idea. Keep a
journal or notepad handy at all times. When you have an idea, write it
down immediately.
5 5. Take care of Yourself
Being successful means taking care of you, both physically and
emotionally. You will need to have energy, focus, and rest. In turn, this
will help you concentrate and put in the hours required to be successful.
Without taking proper care of yourself, you will end up struggling and
your business could feel the effects.
5 6. Take Good Notes
Whether you are at a seminar, a casual meeting, or notice something
special in the news, take good, comprehensive notes. This is not always
a natural skill but something that has to be acquired. You want to pay
attention to the emphasis being made capture it. Even if there are
materials being handed out, if there is something that you feel you
should capture separately, do it. Good notes will help you learn better
and provide additional reference points.
5 7. Participate
If attending seminars or lectures that will help you get ahead, if there is
the opportunity, participate by asking questions or making valid points.
Participation is a great way to remember what is being taught.
5 8. Be Serious
Take your efforts to success seriously. Success is a serious thing and it
takes serious dedication. You have to have the mindset that this is not
going to be all play, at least not in the beginning.
5 9. Study Time
No matter what your goal for success, you should set aside some time
to study. If you want to be a successful hair stylist, study different
styles, colors, and trends. If you want to be a veterinarian, study
animals. Whatever your success, take time to read, research, and ask
many questions. You should also consider volunteering at the local
beauty school or hair salon or your veterinarian’s office. Ask if you can
follow them around for a day or two and without getting in the way,
observe, and ask questions.
6 0. Apply What You Learn
Since you will be setting milestones as you reach for your success, apply
what you have learned through each phase of the process. Doing is a
much more powerful tool than simply reading or watching.
6 1. Provide Yourself Time
You need to be sure to allow yourself some time just for pleasure.
Being successful is hard work so to avoid burnout; you need to treat
yourself to a night out or just time to sit back, watch TV, and do
absolutely nothing once in awhile.
6 2. Set Realistic Goals
People wanting to be successful often want overnight results.
Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. You need to do an analysis
to determine a realistic amount of time it will take to reach your specific
success. As you go through your Business Plan you may find times that
dates have to adjusted but even if there are changes, keep it realistic.
Otherwise, you will become frustrated and quit!
6 3. Talk About It
Talking about your goals for success not only keeps it in the front of
your mind but also keeps up your excitement level. In addition, it adds
in an element of accountability. Think about it, you go around telling
everyone that you are going to be a masseuse, those people are going
to be expecting, and anxious to see you succeed. By talking about your
goals, you are creating a motivational system – a system of  accountability.
6 4. Don’t Make Quick Decisions
When things in your plan need to change, unless necessary, do not
make quick decisions. Just as it took time to plan in the beginning, it
will take time to change. You want to make sure you are making the
right decisions when changes come up. Do your research just as you
did in the beginning and then make educated choices.
6 5. Avoid Stress
When you strive to be successful, stress is a natural part of the process.
Do everything you can to avoid stress. Adding in unnecessary stress
into the equation will take focus away from accomplishing your goals.
You can listen to relaxing tapes, get a professional massage, take a
walk, or whatever helps you to relax. When you start feeling
overwhelmed, stop, change direction, and avoid stress. The only thing
stress accomplishes is draining your think power and creativity.
6 6. Learn How to Delegate
As you start getting closer to your goal of success, you will find that
there are many more things to do than hours in the day. If going into
business, consider hiring someone; even part-time or on a freelance
basis to help take some of your load. If your success is more on a
personal basis, have family or friends pitch in to help you get things
done. You will be amazed at how much this will help ease the situation
and allow you the proper amount of time to focus on the things that
need your full attention.
6 7. Be a Problem Solver
Rather than stew over things or let stress overtake you, find ways to
become a problem solver. Look at ways that you might find new
customers, increase productivity, or resolve issues.
6 8. Conduct Research
It is important to know what you are getting into. First, you will want to
conduct research as far as the business, industry, or interest associated
with your particular success. Second, the research will help you stay up
to date on trends, which may or may not require you to make
adjustments in your own goal. For example, if you were interested in
opening a particular business focusing on a specific technology and that
technology took a turn to another direction, new advancements, you
may need to change the direction you were going for your own
business. Unless you kept up on research, you would not know when a
change was needed and therefore, would end up building a business
already headed for failure.
6 9. Offer a Guarantee
If you have created a business that offers either products or services, in
order to get and keep customers coming back, they have to know that
you stand behind what you offer. Providing a guarantee will help your
business grow and reach the highest level of success.
7 0. Get Excited
Do you remember your first trip to see a professional baseball game and
how exciting it was to see the thousands of people cheering, enjoying
the mouthwatering smell of popcorn and hot dogs, and hoping that you
might get a chance to catch a foul ball? Perhaps you can remember
your first prom, being excited that the right boy asked you to the dance,
shopping for the perfect glamour dress, and buying your date a corsage.
You need to be excited about your venture for success. Remember
some of the things that brought true excitement to your heart when you
were growing up and add that same excitement to your grownup life.
7 1. Expand your Mind
Whatever your idea of success, take it one-step further. Stretch your
mind and reach just one-step higher than you thought you could reach.
If you were going to open an ice cream store, offering 30 flavors, go
one more step and make it 31. Okay, you get the idea.
7 2. Be a Strong Leader
Learn to be a good leader and a good mentor. Enjoy making a
difference and in guiding others to achieve their potential as well. Help
people reach to new horizons.
7 3. Be Logical
Okay, you may be thinking that logic itself is logical. However, being
logic in many cases means having some level of analytical ability.
Regardless of the way you think, find the logic in it. This will help you
think and plan clearly and honestly.
7 4.  Give 100% Effort
If you are going to succeed, you have to be able to get through tough
times. You will have to rise to challenges and not quit. You have to
plan to go the extra mile and make personal sacrifices. Succeeding
means giving 100% effort. Stay focused while keeping your
performance on a consistent basis.
7 5. Take Classes
Take some classes at college where you can get a certification.
Enhancing yourself on a personal level will boost everything about you,
making you feel better, about the person you are. When you feel
better, you achieve more. This is a great time to obtain your
certification in CPR, First Aid, a computer class, or some other outside
interest you have.
7 6. Understand your Goal
A great challenge is to prove to yourself that you can do it. One of the
ways to prove this to you is to take on responsibility. If your goal for
success involves opening a restaurant, work in a restaurant as a server
to get a perspective of all the jobs involved to make the restaurant a
success. Understand the entire business from the ground up.
7 7. Raise your Standards
You may think you are working your tail off and you probably are. Try
raising the bar just a little bit. Always expect the best from yourself.
Do not beat yourself up if you do not always hit 100% but increase your
standards and strive for more.
7 8. Unconscious Power
The unconscious mind is a very powerful tool. Take advantage of this
and each night before heading off to bed, take some time to pose
questions to yourself and then allow your mind to hash them out while
you sleep. In addition, mediate in whatever way you find relaxing
before going to bed to clear your mind from clutter and allow the
subconscious mind to go to work.
7 9. Paint a Picture
A great way to keep working toward your goal is to see it. If you want
to open a computer store, find a picture or article about Bill Gates when
he first got started. If your success is to lose weight, go to Diets.com or
Slimfast.com and print off a before and after picture of someone that
has a similar body type to yourself. Perhaps your goal is to redecorate
your bedroom. Again, locate before and after pictures on the Internet
of decorated rooms. Seeing is believing!
8 0. Develop Uniformity
At first, this may be a little challenging but strive to keep things on an
even keel. This will keep your efforts and focus from going up and
down. The more you can stay the course the quicker you will reach
your goal to success.
8 1. Just Do It
Okay, so Nike coined that phrase but it is so accurate. Quit putting
things off and just do it. If you want it bad enough, go for it!
8 2. Identify Procrastinations
If you have a problem with procrastination, make a list of the things you
constantly put on hold. This will help you identify your poor patterns
and make the appropriate adjustments. Local colleges often have
improvement courses regarding making better decisions and
procrastination. Locate a class that would help you with this kind of
8 3. Want Versus Need
When you strive for success, do it because you want it, not because you
need it. When you want something, it brings about intention, desire,
and action. However, when you need something, it will lead to pain,
stress, and frustration.
8 4. Be Independent
Do not be afraid to go for what you know is the right thing for you.
Being independent allows you to take control over your destiny and
emotional state. Stand firm in what you believe and do not allow other
people to determine how you feel or what you believe in.
8 5. Economic Value
Considering your talent, also look at things that can help create
economic value. These types of goals have better chance of being
successful and lasting. Is there something in your community that could
bring about more revenue? As an example, do you live in a smaller
town where there are no fast food restaurants, causing people to drive
miles outside of your town for a cheeseburger and shake? If so,
perhaps opening a small fast food restaurant would be a great option.
You could have the success of running your own business while bringing
something to your community.
8 6. Learn a New Skill
Learn new skills that will enhance your success. If you want to become
a hairstylist and someday open a line of salons, in addition to cutting
hair, learn how to braid, color, do weaves, etc.
8 7. Appreciate Life
Do not burn any bridges in life. Appreciate life, people, everything
around you. Learn as much as you can from every person you meet.
Do not turn people away just because you do not agree with them. You
never know, the very people you turn away may be the very people that
come to your rescue during a time of difficulty.
8 8.  The Right Marketing
When you get ready to start marketing your business or idea, never rely
on one method of marketing. It is important to look at several options
since nothing will last forever.
8 9. Believe
Not only do you need to believe in the product or service you are
building to success, you also need to believe in you. Your confidence is
what will get you through the difficult challenges and build credibility
with your customers.
9 0. Know your Customers
You should know, really know, your customers, especially your top ten.
Find out what they like and dislike. What other products or services
would be of value to them? These very relationships are what will keep
your business going. It is crucial to consider your customer’s desires all
of the time.
9 1. Plan your Costs
Unbelievably, there are thousands of entrepreneurs that start a business
without the foggiest idea of what their costs are going to be. Either
there is an estimation that is way overstated or understated. From the
very beginning, you need to have a strong handle on knowing what you
will need to get your business started and keep it running. Additionally,
you need to have projections for your future success. Know your
numbers and make sure they are accurate.
9 2. Timing is Everything
You have probably heard it before – timing is everything. Especially
when it comes to opening a business, there is a right and a wrong time
to start a business. This would be extremely important if your business
has cycles or is seasonal. For example, if you are starting a business to
do landscaping, the winter months when snow is on the ground is not
the right time. You can be working toward your Business Plan,
marketing ideas, finding investors, if required, etc., during those cold
months, but you certainly would not want to open your doors for the
first time in the heart of winter.
9 3.  Keep it Lean
Start-up businesses do not have room for “dead” weight. As an
example, when first starting out, if you need some assistance, rather
than hiring a permanent employee that will involve salary, insurance,
other benefits, etc., consider a temporary employee until the business
grows. Keep improving the bottom line before you start adding on more
expenses to your business.
9 4. Get the Word Out
If your success is focused on a business, when you get ready to open
your doors, make sure you get the message out. This will include
marketing promotions, advertising, sending out a press release, etc.
The more people know about your business, the better chance of you
have of reaching success.
9 5. Guard your Emotions
Keeping emotions in check is not always an easy task. You will have
times of disappointment that will require you to react with integrity.
You may feel like crying and feel as though your world has just ended.
Keep telling yourself that it has not ended and you will just have to
make some adjustments in your plan. Never allow anger to be a
response. You never know the trickle down effect of that anger and how
it could permanently damage your reputation.
9 6. Be Nice
Study after study has shown that people with pleasing personalities
have an easier time reaching success. Now only are they more
levelheaded in handling the business but they also draw people around
them that are eager and willing to help. In fact, in addition to being
pleasing, be polite, show true interest, and have a great sense of
9 7. Break Bad Habits
Habits, regardless of size or nature, can be exceptionally difficult to
break. This will take a lot of effort but you can do it. Unfortunately,
poor habits can be the one aspect of your behavior that could be the
obstacle to your success. If you have a habit of sniffling or chewing
your nails when you get nervous or saying demeaning or offensive
things as a way of trying to control, to be successful, whether on a
personal or business level, you have to stop.
9 8. Improve Efficiency
You will want to develop your potential to its fullest. The more efficient
you can become the better job you will do. Be efficient with your time
by not procrastinating and efficient with your effort by staying focused.
9 9. Have Balance in your Life
Imagine yourself on a canoe with another person. The day is beautiful,
sunny, and warm. The two of you are floating along without a care in
the world. Suddenly, ripples of water start rocking the canoe and
without proper balance, both of you, along with all your belongings, are
thrown into the cold water. It is the same when you strive for success.
You have to find balance not only for yourself but also for others around
you. Balance means providing time away from work for pleasure,
working extra hours when required, knowing when a new direction is
required, etc.
1 00. Have Fun
When people start into the process of being successful, whether for
personal growth or starting a business, they may start by incorporating
fun, but within a very short time, they realize it is hard work and the fun
simply falls by the wayside. If you look at some of the most successful
people in the world such as Sam Walton, Oprah Winfrey, or Ross
Perot, you will find common threads that run between all of them. First,
they started with nothing; second, they are all multi-millionaires many
times over, and third, they have fun. They enjoy life, the people around
them, and even find enjoyment in the challenges. This one element is
often forgotten. This is a crucial element for success and should be a
part of your plan.
1 01. Face your Weaknesses
The best way to get better at anything and to be successful is to face
the weaknesses we all possess. Everyone has weaknesses and in order
to be better, think clear, act appropriately, and succeed, you have to
identify the areas you need to improve on and then take action to turn
your weaknesses into strengths.
There is no better gratification than being successful. Accept that you are in for some hard work but the results will be incredible. Use these tips as
guidelines and step outside the box. Take action and succeed!

If this helps just one person when I will be extremely pleased, may Our LORD and Savior Continue to Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn You! Have a Blessed WeekEnd and LIFE.

To God Give the Glory;



The 7 Step Facebook MLM Recruiting Formula

Facebook MLM Recruiting“Successful network marketing recruiting on Facebook is about creating real connections, being consistent and ultimately adding value to people’s lives”

Facebook is certainly one of the best online platforms to leverage as a network marker today. The ability to build relationships with people from all over the world has never been easier. But as with any marketing strategy, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

7 Steps: Facebook Network Marketing Recruiting Training 

How to Recruit MLM Prospects Using Facebook

You simply can’t run out of prospects and potential customers because Facebook provides you with an abundant number of users every day. If you run out of local prospects then there’s still an international crowd waiting for you. Just utilize your free time and dedicate it to finding prospects.

1) Use Your Personal Page

Facebook Network Marketing RecruitingA business page can work great for certain business types, but if you’re in direct sales, MLM, network marketing they’re a people businesses. You’re there to build relationships and you want people to relate to you, like you and trust you.

The first step to recruiting on Facebook is to use your personal page to interact with people. You have lots of personal connections there such as your friends, family, colleagues or anyone who you have an association with.

2) Create Curiosity

You want to create a page where people look at you and ask “‘what the heck are they doing?” You are ultimately selling a lifestyle, so when you are shown to be having fun and hanging out with great people, that’s when you become attractive and are able to recruit prospects.

So be focused on what you’re doing. Focus on what you promote and what your business represents. You can also post images and personal pictures with an inspirational quote on it.

Post something that will make people curious about you. Curiosity is the best thing that can happen in someone’s mind. Because with that, they will start exploring. So if you create or post something that will make people curious, there’s no doubt that they will dig in and ask you about it.

3) Connect, Connect, Connect

Apart from getting in touch with your long distance friends and relatives, use Facebook as a means to reach out to some people who are also hungry for whatever it is that you’re seeking. Utilize Facebook as a business resource which will help bridge people and create a connection.

4) Posting

How to Recruit Prospects on FacebookYou should be posting great information. Share something inspirational or maybe even specific tips that will help people with their business. Ideally, you need to post something every day as a means to get curiosity out of prospects and motivate some of your fellow team members.

The best way to stay in touch with prospects is to share something meaningful every day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a quote or a business tip, as long as you make your online presence be felt. This is what Karin has been doing most of the time when she’s online.

5) Be Authentic

If you want to be effective at recruiting for your network marketing business on Facebook then it’s critical that you are authentic. Be yourself in a way that people will look at you as an expert for whatever it is that you’re trying to be. Being real to yourself will surely show people that you are trustworthy both as a person and as a professional.

To gain the trust of people, you need to be yourself at all times. This is one way that will surely attract them into the opportunity and become a part of your team. But make sure to show them that you are capable of being a good leader at the same time.

6) Brand Yourself as the Expert

Recruit For Your Network Marketing Business on FacebookPost value orientated information which will make people see you as an expert. You can find different ways to do this without posting blatant sales messages. Place your focus on sharing tips and advice to help people in your niche.

As much as people do business with people they know, like and trust, the other important factor is having a sense of authority. You can have a close relationship with someone built on trust, but if they don’t perceive you as knowledgeable, and someone who can help them succeed in the business, they are unlikely to join you.

7) Create a Team Facebook Group

The final step of the MLM recruiting formula is to create a Facebook group. This group will help you recruit and plan out strategies with your team members. It is a perfect way to discuss almost anything and be in touch with everyone else in your team.

I thank you for visiting my website if there is any additional information you want or need you may email me @ wlgordon46@comcast.net. I Pray that your journey is both profitable and pleasant. To Our LORD and Savior, I Give All Praises.

Your Brother in Christ;

William L. Gordon

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What do Apple Computer, Hershey’s, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and the Ford Motor Company have in common? These well-known corporations all started out as home-based businesses. In fact, more than half of all U.S. businesses are based out of an owner’s home.

Starting a home-based business has many rewards as well as challenges. This guide provides resources that will help you learn more about working out of your house, starting a home-based business and managing your business within the law.

Before You Begin

  • Can you live and work in the same area? Find the answer by asking yourself the following questions: Where in the home will the business be located? What will adjustments to living arrangements be required? What will be the cost of changes? How will your family react? What will the neighbors think?

Start a Home-Based Business

If you have decided you are ready to start a home-based business, then you might already have an idea and/or the products you want to market. If not, think about your background, what you are good at, and what experience you have. This exploration can get you on your way to coming up with a sound idea. For additional guidance on how to start your business, use the resources listed below.


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The Internet is The Largest Shopping Mall In The World!
More than 3 billion people are now using the Internet, according to the United Nations agency that oversees international communications. The number of Internet users has increased from 738 million in 2000 to 3.2 billion in 2015, according to a new report from the International Telecommunication Union.

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Happy New Year And Hanukkah!

Happy New Year 2017: Quotes to inspire you this coming year

As you look forward to putting behind 2016 and embracing 2017, take along with you inspiration and hope to set off on new beginnings and complete what you left unfinished in the past year. Spread cheer and joy with these inspiring quotes. Happy 2017!

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While at it, here are 24 quotes that we guarantee will inspire you to keep going, no matter how hard it gets.


“A bridge of silver wings stretches from the dead ashes of an unforgiving nightmare to the jeweled vision of a life started anew.” ― Aberjhani, Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry

“Perhaps that is where our choice lies — in determining how we will meet the inevitable end of things, and how we will greet each new beginning.” ― Elana K. Arnold, Burning


“New Year – a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story ? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours.” ― Alex Morritt, Impromptu Scribe


“Red onion skins and New Year’s Eve have much in common – they both peel away to reveal new vibrancy.” ― Alex Morritt, Impromptu Scribe


“Each new breath and moment is a gift. We can choose to start with a clean slate in the here and now.” ― K.J. Kilton


“Starting over is an acceptance of a past we can’t change, an unrelenting conviction that the future can be different, and the stubborn wisdom to use the past to make the future what the past was not.” ― Craig D. Lounsbrough


“Now, as we close one chapter, the pen is gradually inking up, preparing itself to write the next.” ― Mie Hansson


“All great beginnings start in the dark, when the moon greets you to a new day at midnight.” ― Shannon L. Alder


“Don’t worry about being worried. You’re heading out on an adventure and you can always change your mind along the way and try something else.” -Tracy Kidder


“If all you can do is crawl, start crawling.” -Rumi


“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.


“But there’s a beginning in an end, you know? It’s true that you can’t reclaim what you had, but you can lock it up behind you. Start fresh.” ― Alexandra Bracken, The Darkest Minds

We wish you all a happy and a beautiful 2017!

William L. Gordon

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